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(Newswire.net — September 7, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — A woman’s monthly period can sometimes be a very stressful phase but it’s a natural and healthy part of womanhood yet some treat it as if it were an issue to be ashamed of. With the hormone changes that occur, more or less on a monthly basis, the menstrual cycle is all part of facilitating the possibility of a fertilized egg embedding itself in the walls of the womb for nourishment. Menstruation is merely the expulsion of the womb’s extra thick layer of life preserving blood whenever pregnancy doesn’t transpire. 

“The stigma associated with menstruation continues across the globe today, with many women finding it embarrassing or difficult to talk about periods even to their family members or friends,” reports No More Taboo: Breaking taboos around menstruation and sanitation, a British research paper (2016). “In some cultures, instances of ‘menstrual seclusion’ are common, where menstruating women are excluded from preparing food, using communal vessels and entering spaces of worship.” 

Thus on one hand periods are disparaged yet on the other hand the sanitary applications needed to deal with this natural discharge are considered to be luxury items for many as it costs the typical woman in Britain well over £3,500 each year. Moreover, this topsy-turvy situation should not be allowed to persist because it undermines the dignity of women worldwide.

“The main method by which women manage their period is through buying and using disposable sanitary products however, for the economically marginalized, affording sanitary products may be difficult or even impossible,” says Shailini Vora, Director and UK Programme Co-ordinator of No More Taboo. “Having good menstrual hygiene is not only important to protect women against negative social reactions that follow overt leaking or staining, but also to avoid the possibility of damaging reproductive and gynaecological health.” 

Despite the high cost and general discontent, menstruation things are unimaginably worse for the over 50,000 disadvantaged women living in shelters and on the streets in the United States of America as it’s an even graver situation being faced as access to feminine hygiene products is a rarity not a norm for them. 

There are women coming from all walks of life who are in need of support throughout this delicate and sensitive menstrual phase. Feminine hygiene products really ought to be reclassified as basic necessity items since they only exist to address a natural reoccurring sanitary event.  

It’s important to note that during a woman’s period, the vagina’s pH level often causes some irritation which may be triggered by yeast and the likes. Anti-fungal agents are typically the additional protection gynecologist recommend to tend to such issues so vaginal suppositories like the HealthyWiser™ Femme-Fresh™ treatment which adheres to a medically approved boric acid formulas are ideal for delivering relief.

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