Lab-Grown Cartilage Could Offer Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

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( — September 17, 2018) Orlando, FL — Osteoarthritis produces symptoms like pain, stiffness, and even immobility. To deal with these symptoms, many are turning to the use of pain relievers. However, advances in science are actually working wonders in finding the best solution for the condition.

Lab-grown cartilage could offer osteoarthritis pain relief. According to some experts, millions of American sufferers of osteoarthritis may soon find relief from artificial cartilage. 

The researchers from the University of California, Davis conducted a study. It involved sports-injury and aging arthritis sufferers and the use of a certain type of artificial cartilage. 

It is worth mentioning that in animal studies, artificial cartilage has helped in maintaining physical movement and exercise. It has the same cellular structure as natural cartilage, and has bioengineered material that features remarkable durability for lab-grown tissue. 

This artificial cartilage is made with a combination of collagen and glycoproteins, which are also found in the natural cartilage of the human body. 

According to Kyriacos Athanasiou, professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the UC Davis, the artificial cartilage they designed is fully biological and has a structure akin to natural cartilage. 

Further, the researchers believe that they have already resolved making tissues that are strong and stiff, which is considered to be a complex problem. These tissues are equipped with what it takes to carry extremely high loads, which are normally encountered by the joints like the hip and knee. 

A majority of previous research studies used artificial cartilage as a scaffolding system, which is where cells can grow. However, more recently, bioengineers have created a scaffold-free system that permits cells to sufficiently mirror the real cartilage in the body. 

In this current study, the researchers created human chondrocytes on a scaffold-less system. These chondrocytes are the building blocks of natural cartilage. In the absence of the scaffold, these chondrocytes were able to assemble by themselves and stick together. This has been found useful in the creation of cartilage-like formation. 

Osteoarthritis can be a challenging condition to deal with. This is why many sufferers are turning to a variety of measures that help them manage their condition. 

NSAIDs, which are inflammation-fighting medications, are extremely popular among individuals with this condition. However, there are also safer alternatives like glucosamine that has been found to be a powerful joint health enhancing supplement. 

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