The High Triglyceride Problems in the U.S.

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( — October 1, 2018) Winnetka, IL — Today, more and more researchers are looking into how levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol affect overall health.

Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that high triglycerides could be a problem for one-third of all Americans.

An article was recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

In this article, it was found that one-third of the adult population in the United States have borderline high triglyceride levels, and one in five have high triglyceride levels.

Danya L. Dinwoodey, MD, a cardiologist at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass, said that the days when you only needed to know your total cholesterol level are gone.

“Think of your triglyceride level as one part of the total fats in your blood. To get the whole picture, you need to break down the total fats into good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides,” he added.

In more than the past 30 years, there have been dramatic increases in high triglyceride levels. It is worth mentioning that only 1.3 percent of individuals with high triglycerides are on medication, which is approved to reduce triglyceride levels.

Experts say that high triglyceride levels often go along with reduced HDL levels. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is considered to be good cholesterol. It inhibits bad or LDL cholesterol from accumulating inside the blood vessels.

The Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is disadvantageous, as it forms plaques inside the blood vessels.

According to the CDC researchers, individuals with high triglyceride levels are often the older and overweight ones. They also tend to smoke more and have less than 150 minutes of exercise per week.

The American Heart Association says that undergoing healthy lifestyle changes can counter the bad habits.

It can help to maintain a healthy body weight, get regular exercise, quit smoking, and have a healthy diet.

Some natural remedies like ashwagandha have been found to be helpful in reducing triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels.

In animal studies, it was been found that this natural ingredient significantly reduced these blood fats.

A study involving rats even show that ashwagandha use reduced total cholesterol by as much as 53 percent, and triglycerides by almost 45 percent.

There was also a 60-day study involving chronically stress adults. Researchers found that the highest dosage of ashwagandha led to a decrease in LDL cholesterol by 17 percent. It also reduced triglycerides by 11 percent on average.

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