Reno Natural Energy Healthcare and Stress Relief Holistic Service Announced

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( — September 29, 2018) — Dr Eichelberger of Reno Alternative Medicine has announced it can help local Reno, Nevada patients by providing natural solutions for pain reduction and stress management. His treatments help busy people to benefit from increased energy, and achieve better health in natural ways.

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The services are ideal for anyone who feels as through they have less energy than they once did, or anyone feeling overwhelmed by life. Similarly, they are ideal for patients experiencing pain or other health issues causing detrimental effects to their quality of life.

Having chronic pain or health issues like this can rob people of the normal life they want to live. However, it’s possible for them to feel better.

Dr Eichelberger explains that for those who want to get back to peak fitness, overcome their issues, and get their life back on track, the best approach is a natural one. He helps patients to work with their body’s natural healing abilities in a way that is powerful, safe, and effective.

The natural whole person healthcare specialist has over 46 years’ experience in the field, and works with a results oriented approach in mind. He sits down with each patient to develop a unique treatment plan for their situation, rebalancing their mind, body and spirit to get to the root cause of the problems at hand.

He states, “In your unique situation there may be a variety issues to address. These might include food choices, food sensitivities, toxins in the body, adrenal fatigue, immune issues, or clogged detoxification pathways. Fortunately, there are are powerful and effective natural ways to correct these problems.”

Dr Eichelberger is so confident that he can help patients in the local area that he offers a 7-point satisfaction guarantee. This means that every time a patient visits the center, they can count on getting quality treatment, and getting the best value for their hard earned dollars.

Full details of the services available can be found on the URL above.