Portable Monocrystalline RV Solar Panels On Demand and US Manufactured Launched

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(Newswire.net — October 10, 2018) — The famous Supreme Solar NY has very affordable portable solar panels available on demand for all those around the country who want a great source of renewable energy to power an RV, a camping trip and other outdoors activities.

More information is available at https://pa-zaz.com/175-watt-mono-solar-panel.

The Supreme Solar NY is the leading solar panel manufacturer on the East Coast and the one most homes and businesses nationwide are turning to when they want to transition to renewable energy at really competitive prices.

Now, for anyone who wants to get their source of renewable, green energy directly from the manufacturer, the Supreme Solar NY has a variety of portable mono and poly solar panels available on demand.

These include a best-selling 175 watt mono solar panel that is perfect to power an RV, take on a camping trip or go off grid knowing there’s always free, green and renewable energy available even in areas with little access to electricity.

They include a variety of mono and poly panels all the way from 150 to 280 watts which are resistant to salt spray, frost, dust or sand and can be safely used on lengthy boating, fishing or sailing trips.

And they even include 330 watt mono solar panels and 300 watt poly ones for those who need a reliable, cost effective source of green energy to lower the utility bills around the house or power everything in their motor home really cheap and easy.

All of them are manufactured in the United States from quality high-transmissive glass with an anti-reflective coating and a lightweight, durable frame design that makes them really easy to use and set up.

And they are delivered directly to the client by the manufacturer, Supreme Solar NY, with 25 year warranties, some of the most competitive prices in the industry and none of the three months of waiting.

To see all the portable solar panels Supreme Solar NY has available on demand and talk to their team to find out more about the switch to renewable energy, the public can go to the website at the link provided above.