Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack and Invisible Pocket USB Port Travel Bag Launched

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( — October 10, 2018) — The Trending Depot has a new anti-theft leather backpack that is perfect for travelers, commuters and school children who want to keep their laptop, phones, cards or any other valuables hidden and safe at all times.

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The Trending Depot is an online store providing the public some of the most handy, unique gadgets, gifts, home and garden accessories or health and beauty products at really great prices.

For all those who love to travel or need something that will keep valuables like the laptop, the phones or the cards safe during their daily commute, the store has a new anti-theft backpack perfect to take to work, to school and on trips.

The backpack is made with genuine waterproof leather that withstands any climate and a highly convertible design that allows the family to wear it slim as a briefcase or backpack in their day to day and then expand it to a hand luggage when they travel.

It features an invisible anti-theft pocket that guarantees the wallet, the phones, the passports and other important, valuable items are kept completely hidden, safe and out of reach at all times.

And it features a hidden slot in the backpack strap which keeps the ID, cards or keys concealed and readily available, plenty of storage for clothing and larger items like the laptop or a water bottle and an on the go USB charging slot to have battery anywhere, at any time.

For added convenience, it also offers a breathable padded back that makes it really comfortable to wear and is available in red, pink or black grey colors to suit every taste, style and fashion sense.

As with all its other gadgets and accessories, the backpack is currently available at half price so everyone, no matter the budget, can get something really special for mom and dad, the kids or a loved one this holiday season.

To see this new anti-theft backpack and all the other gadgets, home and garden accessories or holiday deals the Trending Depot has in store, the public can go to their website at the link provided above.