Waterborne Contaminants Poses Increasing Health Threats

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(Newswire.net — October 24, 2018) Orlando, FL — Many of the most common diseases nowadays are associated with pollution and contamination. This is especially true to drinking water in many areas around the globe.

According to scientists, some of the most common waterborne contaminants are arsenic, copper, chromium, cadmium, ammonia, aluminum, lead, bacteria, barium, fluoride, mercury, silver, uranium, and selenium.

It is important to remember that microbial an organic contaminants are often not detected by the human senses. It may even take some years before one realizes there is a problem.

Scientists have found that pesticides and fertilizers contain chemicals, which are often found in water near agricultural areas.

Experts warn against this chemicals as they are linked with the increased risk of cancer. They are further associated not just with reproductive problems but also impairments in the liver, eye, kidney, and some other body functions.

The U.S. EPA has set standards for over 80 contaminants that may be found in drinking water. They are the ones that could potentially pose a risk to human health.

There are two classifications of contaminants, and they are categorized according to the gravity of damage they could have on the body.

There are acute effects, which take place within hours or just days from the time that one consumes a contaminant. There may be acute health effects in drinking water like microbes, and they often don’t have lasting effects.

Chronic effects, on the other hand, is when one consumes a contaminant at a level that is way beyond EPA’s safety standards. Consumption of these contaminants is often over the course of many years.

Some of the chronic effects of contaminated water are kidney or liver health problems, reproductive difficulties, or cancer.

More and more health experts are urging people to resort to the measures necessary in ensuring that they are drinking clean, contamination-free water.

There are ways to help cleanse water, and one is through the use of activated charcoal. This natural ingredient has a long history of medicinal use due to its remarkable cleansing benefits.

Experts say that activated charcoal has an ability to trap impurities in water. This includes contaminants like those found in pesticides, solvents, and industrial waste. It is a widely used ingredient for water filtration systems in many areas around the globe.

It is worth mentioning that a research published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association has found activated charcoal eliminates some fluoride.

Health experts have warned against exposure to fluoride. Eliminating it from the body is even vital for proper immune system function, oral health, and healthy kidneys and liver.

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