Top Dental Guard Manufacturer Celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month

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( — October 17, 2018) Norwalk, CT — An effort to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and to recognize the excellent work done by dental hygienists in this regard. This year, awareness is focused on the four basic routines that people can use to help maintain healthy oral hygiene: brush, rinse, floss, and protect your smile. In support of October Oral hygiene awareness month, Bite Tech is promoting good oral health with its innovation-driven oral health products.

Good oral health requires a regular routine – like brushing and flossing are daily activities in order to prevent the onset of tooth decay, the use of a dental grind guard is a way to help protect your smile. By wearing a dental grind guard, it is a way to protect teeth from the negative effects of bruxism, while preventing future damage to the teeth. Since it is estimated that nearly 70 million Americans grind their teeth, this is a potentially painful problem that affects a great number of people; and, these numbers continue to rise.

Most people are unaware that they are grinding their teeth until a hygienist or dentist notices tooth wear and diagnoses the cause. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a painful condition for which the recommended treatment is the use of a dental grind guard. Ora-GUARD® is an innovative dental grind guard that has taken the marketplace by storm with its groundbreaking design that helps provide relief from both the primary and secondary symptoms of bruxism by simultaneously protecting the teeth and relaxing the jaw muscles.

Bite Tech has been a leading innovator in the oral health product industry with more than 45 patents and pending patents for proprietary designs and technologies. With their recent introduction of the revolutionary dental grind guard, Ora-GUARD®, people can find relief from the painful effects of bruxism. Individuals that are affected by bruxism may experience painful symptoms including migraines, cracked or broken teeth, TMJ, tinnitus, neck and jaw pain, and earache.

Unlike any other dental grind guard product on the market today, Ora-GUARD® features a combined patented wedge design that combines a hard surface to protect the teeth during grinding, plus a soft medical-grade fit material that cushions the jaws during clenching. It is an over-the-counter solution that offers immediate relief from pain and is effective protection from the harmful effects of teeth grinding. It fits securely into the mouth, is comfortable to wear at night, and allows for natural breathing while worn.

Many bruxism sufferers rely on Bite Tech Inc. dental guard products like Ora-GUARD® for effective relief from jaw pain and to reduce the damage caused by teeth grinding while athletes in all types of sports utilize their athletic mouth guards for protection and to improve performance.

Ora-GUARD® dental guards are available online at,,,,,, as well as key retailers throughout the U.S. For more information visit their website at

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