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( — October 26, 2018) — The now trendy keto diet is founded on protein, specifically meat protein as our ancient evolutionary forefathers consumed it and much in excess thanks to their hunter-gatherer ways. Today we don’t live the same way as they did but our bodies pretty much functions the exact same way. Glucose from carbohydrates consumed is the body’s main source of energy but when that’s in low supply, the body turns to its back-up system known as ketosis whereby stored fat becomes the new fuel source, as was the case of Paleolithic man or with modern day gym and fitness buffs. 

“The scientists, medical professionals, and athletes on the ground floor of the keto movement can barely contain their excitement over its power to reliably reduce excess body fat, enhance neurological function, protect against diseases of cognitive decline, and slow the rate of inflammation and oxidative damage that are the essence of the (accelerated) aging process,” informs “Research has suggested it’s also able to help prevent seizures, halt the growth of cancerous tumors, and improve athletic performance for all types of athletes.” 

So the keto diet is pretty remarkable in its own right yet there needs to be a balance because anything is excess is bad, even good things. Ketosis is a great tool but the ketones produced is an acid so overproduction can lead to ketoacidosis, kidney issues and more, hence the importance of constantly tracking your ketone levels with tools like the HealthyWiser™ KtoFast™ Ketone Test Strips. 

“When we are on a low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet, we have lower insulin levels and therefore our kidneys excrete more sodium which can lead to a lower sodium/potassium ratio and a greater need for sodium in the diet,” says David Jockers, doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. “On a low-carb diet you should look to get an additional 3-5 grams of sodium from natural foods and through the use of a pink salt like Himalayan sea salt.  1 tsp of pink salt is equivalent to 2 grams of sodium.” 

High intensity workouts are can dehydrate you quickly so learning natural means of retaining as much water, minerals and nutrients as possible. Plus it’s always wise to remember that ketogenic diets are not meant to be sustained indefinitely, the body simply can’t tolerate the non-stop burning of fat.  

“In essence, ketogenic eating allows you to benefit from the extraordinary (and scientifically validated) metabolic efficiency, general health, and longevity benefits of fasting—without having to starve yourself,” says Mark Sisson, author of The Keto Reset Diet. “When you’re starving, engaging in a purposeful fast, or adhering to a nutritional ketosis eating pattern, your cells prefer to burn fat and produce ketones. Ketones burn efficiently and quickly in the body.” 

So be sure to keep tabs whenever on the keto diet, in fact it would be good to compare your ketone levels when off the diet versus when you’re on it to clearly see how the body changes and adapts to using various fuel sources. The KetoFast™ Ketone Test Strip by HealthyWiser™ is the ideal thing for the job since it delivers results with 99% accuracy within seconds of being exposed to a small sample of urine.


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