Art’s Automotive in Longview WA Offers Brake Maintenance Tips for Winter

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( — November 17, 2018) — As car owners in Longview, WA prepare for the coldest and wettest months of the year, Steve Hixson, owner of auto service and repair company, Art’s Automotive is issuing an important safety reminder. “From November through March, we have plenty of rain, some snow, and cold temperatures facing us, so it’s crucial that your brake system is in the best possible working condition.” According to Hixson, there are four primary reasons that Washingtonians should have their brakes serviced sooner, rather than later.

Drivers Need All the Braking Power They Can Get on Slick Roads

While residents of Longview, and the surrounding communities of Kelso, Castle Rock, Rainier, Clatskanie, and St. Helens are no strangers to driving in rain, the cooler temperatures can lead to icy conditions or snow-covered roadways. “You really need all of the braking power you can get during the winter months, so it’s important to have your brakes serviced, and confirm they are in optimal condition,” Hixson says.

Brake Pads Will Erode Faster as the Wet Weather Arrives

Slick roads equate to less traction, so more brake power is required to get the same effect you would get on dry roads, according to Hixson. “That’s why it’s best to have your brakes serviced before the extra precipitation hits. New brake pads before the roads get messy may be necessary to ensure your safety throughout the coming winter weather.”

Brake Fluid Is at Risk for Congealing in Cold Temperatures

If the brake fluid (also known as hydraulic fluid) in your car is old, it is at risk of congealing once the temperatures dip, per Hixson. Brake fluid is designed to operate under high pressure and high temperatures, and lack of sufficient brake fluid results in an inability to stop when pressing the brake pedal. When the temperature outside is very cold, the fluid can congeal, compromising its integrity as a necessary lubricant. “It is extremely important from a safety standpoint to have your brake fluid checked before it gets much colder,” Hixson says.

Moisture and Dirt in Brake System Can Freeze and Damage Rotors

Although Longview, St. Helens, Vader, and surrounding areas don’t typically get a lot of snow each year, they do get a lot of rain, and the temperature does drop below freezing. When the roads are particularly wet, the moisture and dirt are prone to getting into the brake systems of cars. “When the temperature drops, any moisture or dirt in the braking system is subject to freezing. This can lead to grinding and ultimately damage to the rotors,” Hixson explains.

In an effort to protect not only driver and passenger safety, but also to prolong the life of the car, and avoid expensive repairs later, Art’s Automotive recommends an early winter brake service and tune-up. “Preventative maintenance and regular brake service can help ensure you’re safe on the road this winter, whether you’re heading to work, or heading to the mountains,” said Hixson.

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