Improve Your Web Visibility Now- The Positive Impact of ADA Sites and SEO

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( — November 17, 2018) — Today, websites are becoming ADA compliant to help people with disabilities access their sites without problems. Established in 1990, The Americans With Disabilities Act has been a significant milestone in the nation. Besides buildings, this Act has extended to the Internet making life easier for people with hearing, visual and physical disability. 

Increase web visibility with an ADA website

If you wish to improve the readability and the visibility of your site, make it ADA compliant. ADA compliant websites allow people with disabilities to understand and read the content of your site. For instance, if you are dealing with multi-media, you can make the site ADA approved with a transcript for your video and audio files. This will make it simple for people with disabilities to read the content and understand it as well.

YouTube is one of the most widely sought- after video platforms online. Take a look at it closely, and it gives you closed captions for its videos however these captions are not correct all the time. If you have a video on YouTube, take the time to edit the closed caption. This will make the caption accurate. You need to provide your video with a description, title, and keywords. When you have text related to your video, this permits online visitors who are searching for similar videos to find you. If you add more keyword tags to your captions, this enhances your search engine optimization further.

Check the images on your site and add tags

If you wish to make more changes to make your site support ADA, check the images on your website.  Some business owners feel that images with text will help them with their search engine optimization however this is not true. Images should always have tags on them to make them SEO friendly. If you have an ADA site, your images should have more image tags over sites that are non-ADA compliant. The simple gesture of increasing the number of tags will improve search engine optimization drastically say experts specialized in the field of ADA like

Backlinks-use them carefully

When it comes to backlinks, there is an important point you should note. If your site is ADA compliant, it should not have backlinks like Learn More or Click Here. The backlinks you use must describe where the user is headed to if the link is clicked on. These backlinks will help you in search engine optimization as the higher the search for the keyword is made on your site, the better results search engine optimization for your site will yield.

To make your website ADA compliant, ensure that you contact an excellent ADA agency to help you with the transformation. The web developers here are aware of the needs of your site when it comes to transforming it into an ADA compliant site. They will evaluate your site and offer you recommendations on how you can do away with your existing site and make it ADA compliant without wasting time and money!