Regulating Diabetes by Monitoring Ketones

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( — November 7, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — America’s modern diet is laden with unhealthy and oily foods and a big part of why diabetes is on the rise, even so people refuse to stop consuming junk food much like cheeseburgers, fries and sodas on a regular basis. Studies have shown that in American 1 in every 3 person has a condition relating to clogged arteries and spin-off hazards due to overeating or excessive fat consumption. Creating a healthier diet is crucial for staying clear of potential issues, and in the unfortunate event that diabetes is developed – whether resulting from poor diet choices or hereditary factors – it’s best to be diagnosed at the earliest stage. 

“If your cells don’t get enough glucose, your body burns fat for energy instead,” explains Medicline Plus. “This produces a substance called ketones, which can show up in your blood and urine. High ketone levels in urine may indicate diabetic ketoacidosis, a complication of diabetes that can lead to a coma or even death.” 

Unhealthy food such as fast food influences the body a lot more than merely packing on excess weight as poor eating habits can lead to over acidity internally. Ketones occur naturally and are rather acidic which means the body pH levels can skyrocket ketone levels are not regulated and for diabetics this puts the body on a path of ketoacidosis.

“A diet high in fat, calories, and cholesterol increases your risk of diabetes,” details “A poor diet can lead to obesity (another risk factor for diabetes) and other health problems. A healthy diet is high in fiber and low in fat, cholesterol, salt, and sugar. Also, remember to watch your portion size. How much you eat is just as important as what you eat.” 

To date there are roughly 29 million diabetics worldwide and unprecedented proportions of that figure are persons coping with multiple health problems connected to diabetes. Ensuring that ketones are at a safe level is essential thus frequent testing is advised and the HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips (100 ct.) now manufactured in America is one of the best tools for the job. 

“I’m pregnant with gestational diabetes and occasionally check my urine to see if everything is under control,” explains a verified HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips customer on Amazon. “Never had sugar in my urine (btw, my blood glucose is always good & I monitor it at least a couple times a day) which is good but often have high ketones which means I need to adjust my diet. I haven’t been gaining weight so will add more carbs & keep monitoring everything. My endocrinologist is very laid back & isn’t concerned about anything & in my small town I have no choice. But these strips help me control my own health.” 

The Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips (100 ct.) by HealthyWiser™ provide the ideal chance to keep tabs on ketone levels in addition to a lot of other chemicals critical for good health. The HealthyWiser™ Complete 10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips (100 ct.) is a top-notch product made in the U.S. which measures an remarkable list of things such as glucose, protein, pH, leukocytes, nitrites, bilirubin, blood, urobilinogen, specific gravity plus ketones.

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