It is Time for Dangerous Tree Removal Before Windy Weather

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( — November 27, 2018) — Before inclement winter weather starts, it is time for dead tree and dead tree limb removal. It is dangerous to ignore dead trees and limbs as these can crash unexpectedly on people, cars, power lines, houses, or a neighbor’s property. Or, dead wood poses a fire hazard. Any one of those events can have fatal or severe legal ramifications.

A case in point is Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, who was paralyzed from a tree limb breaking off and crashing on him when he was younger. This is not an isolated, tragic case. From time to time there are stories of deaths, injuries, or property damage from trees or tree limbs falling and crashing during or after storms.

At times there are some extremely high winds in west Texas and the South Plains. Getting rid of dead wood before those winds hit protects everyone from the consequences of flying wood and where it might land.

However, removing dead wood is not to compared to a weekend job of mowing the lawn. Removing dead limbs or a dead tree is extremely dangerous work. Particularly if the tree is close to power lines, a house, a garden, a garage, or a fence, it is necessary to have a professional aborist such as Tomcat’s Tree Services take out the tree. There are unknown factors of how the tree will fall due to gravity that are best left to a knowledgeable aborist.

Tomcat’s Tree Services has been serving West Texas and the Lubbock area for 16 years and counting. Tom and his team can take care of all your tree removal, trimming, and pruning needs. They can also service all tree-related issues whether residential or commercial. With a proven track record and positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List, home owners and business owners can trust Tomcat’s experience and reputation. Tom Burgess and his team are available by phone or website. It is best to call them and get rid of dead wood around the property or business before inclement weather starts.