Food Ideas for Brunch Party – How to Plan for Brunch

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( — December 12, 2018) — Having a brunch party with our buddies at the weekend is something which can spice up our lives to a great extent. In fact, a brunch party will be the perfect start to a day and there is the entire evening as well as night in front of us. In this article, we will present some delicious food ideas for brunch party that will provide a variety of options for when it comes to entertaining our guests.

Food Ideas for Brunch Party

1. Set up a Coffee Station

A coffee station will allow every guest to prepare their favorite beverage according to their own likings. They can try different combinations of milk, sugar, and creams to fit their personal taste. In case you’d like to go a bit further, you can always set up several innovative brew methods like having a pour-over coffee or a bottle of cold brew on display. Moreover, the coffee station will enable to keep your visitors warm and occupied with something they are acquainted with while socializing with their friends.

2. Include Coasters

This particular brunch party idea will help to enliven your breakfast table to a great extent. In fact, brunch coasters are an integral part of your juice presentation just like having saucers for the coffee cups. It will be a smart idea to present a couple of those to your friends while they return home.

3. Include a Minimum of one Casserole

These casseroles are going to offer large portions at the brunch party that can be served at any specific time. As a matter of fact, almost every brunch party at present involves at least one type of casserole. You can do a protein casserole with eggs and bacon, or you can do a dessert one with french toast.

4. Include Mocktails or Cocktails

Just like sipping on coffee, individuals like the idea of drinking cocktails or mocktails as well. These are quite enjoyable and can add lots of fun at any brunch party out there. Stuff like Blackberry Ginger Mocktail, Good Morning Mocktail, or Hibiscus lemon Gin Mocktail definitely deserves special mention. If you are hosting a brunch in December, you can get festive and include holiday drinks as well. 

5. Entertain Your Guests with Traditional Fresh Juices

Although you can always go for the traditional orange juice, spicing it up with Carrot Orange Ginger Juice will obviously be a better idea. This will allow your buddies to enjoy the taste of orange juice but will likewise provide them with a healthy kick as well. It is possible to get hold of any top quality juicer at your local store; however, do not forget to stir the juices properly prior to serving them to your guests.


Above are some of the popular food ideas for brunch party you will find. It is important to provide a variety of food and beverages for your guests, so there is something for everyone regardless their taste preference. Setting up a coffee station will also keep your guests awake, in case they didn’t get their morning coffee before brunch.