Importance of Water Filtration – Avoid Deadly Effects

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( — December 12, 2018) — Water is an essential part of our lives and that of the earth in general. It comprises 70% of our bodies, and according to research, 71% of the earth consists of water. Water is always in circulation in our bodies and were it not for it, enzymes, cells and genes would not function properly. This liquid is responsible for passing information from tissue to tissue. In short, water enables simple life support. So for this reason, we need to ensure that we drink clean and purified water. But how many times have we done that? Many of us assume that the water we are drinking is safe, therefore, we don’t concern ourselves with filtering it. Below are some key things to keep in mind when considering the importance of water filtration:

Importance of Water Filtration

1. Important for Children Developing Immune Systems

With our young ones, their immune system is not mature and needs to be handled with a lot of care. When they drink dirty water, their systems may not be able to fight the bacteria and germs from it. This can cause them to contract diseases. Thus, the only way we can protect them is by ensuring that they drink purified water.

2. Filtered Water Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Chlorine and chlorine by-products can cause cancer. Subjecting our bodies to them means that we are putting ourselves at the risk of developing cancerous cells. But when water is filtered, the risk of developing certain cancers such as rectal, colon and bladder cancer is significantly reduced.

3. Filtered Water Taste and Smells Better

Imagine drinking salty or water that has some foul smell — the taste can be unpleasant. But we can be able to quench our thirst completely, by drinking filtered water free of chlorine, chemicals, pesticides and other dirt particles.

4. Protecting from Disease

We know that some certain bacteria and germs are found in water, which can cause diseases. Filtration systems ensure that your water remains clean, free from any germs. Therefore, drinking it will ensure that the water performs the task it is meant to achieve leading to better overall health and energy. For instance, cryptosporidium, e-coli, and giardia are found in water, and they may cause one to develop a gastrointestinal disease.

5. Saves Money

If you are careful with your water, then you are probably buying bottled water pretty often, which can be expensive. Water filtration experts state that a water filtration system is much cheaper and saves you on additional bills. Filtrations systems significantly reduce plumbing costs since the heavy metals and chemicals that damage pipes are filtered out. Also, bottled water can damage the environment. Since you have to dispose them and in the long run, the number of plastics will fill the land. With a water filter, there is no plastic to dispose.

Bottom Line

Although our government is entitled to provide us with clean water, sometimes the water quality may not be safe. You may not immediately notice the impact of drinking dirty water, but with time, health complications will start to show. That’s why the importance of water filtration is extremely high. So protect yourself and your loved ones by ensuring that you are filtering your water.