Types of Tractor Transmissions – The Ideal Transmission

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(Newswire.net — January 4, 2019) — Various types of transmissions are used to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels in different ways. The variations in transmission depend on various factors including durability, application and cost. The power shift transmission in one of the most advanced and recently introduced types of transmission that are used to allow you to change the gears under different loads in the run. Some other older types of tractor transmissions include the hydrostatic and the geared speed transmission. Below is a list of the different types of tractor transmissions and what they’re intended to do on the work field.

Types of Transmissions Used In Tractors

Like how there are various kinds of tractors, the transmissions used in tractors also vary from traditionally used with geared speed to recently introduced power shift transmission. They are designed to be used in different circumstances to improve the performance of the tractors of different sizes. Their costs also vary according to their type.

Geared Speed Transmission

This type of transmission is very low in cost and is designed by using mesh for which you will have to stop your tractor for shifting gears. The operation of this transmission with synchromesh is similar to the manual transmission used in passenger vehicles. You can shift the gears even while driving your vehicle.

Power Shuttle Transmission

This type of transmission was introduced about 20 years ago. The foot clutch along with reverse and forward lever on the column of steering traditionally used to operate wet clutch was replaced by this transmission. This transmission is mainly used while working under load when you have to shift the reverse and forward level again and again to shift gears.

Hydrostatic Transmission

This transmission is usually used on low power tractors and while riding lawn mowers. It delivers hydraulic oil with high pressure to drive the wheels by spinning the shaft. The pedal operated hydrostatic transmission is available in 2-3 designs to regulate the speed of wheels in RPM.

Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT

CVT is a transmission that is driven by belt to transfer the power to the wheels effectively by using speeds of innumerable ranges.

Power Shift Transmission

This type of transmission is mainly used on tractors and can be used to operate different types of applications. It allows you to shift all the gears of your tractor by using its full power without using clutch. If you want to shift gears of your tractor without clutching at 2-4 speeds, then a semi-power transmission would be ideal for you.

Working Power Shift Transmission

A tractor with powershift transmission uses packs of wet clutch with multi-plates. A stack of clutch discs is included in every pack of clutch so that they can be pushed collectively with the help of a piston driven hydraulically. When this hydraulic pressure is over, the piston is released by a spring or springs. In reverse, some packs of clutch use spring and hydraulic pressure as the hydraulics release the pressure so that springs can apply it.

Bottom Line

Although there are many different types of tractors, there are many different types of tractor transmissions that also play a big role in how efficient your tractor may be. Some transmission types include: a geared speed transmission, power shuttle transmission, hydrostatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT), power shift transmission, or working power shift transmission.