Wedding Ceremony Song Order – Picking Songs for the DJ

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( — January 4, 2019) — For some, the most important part of the wedding is the wedding ceremony song. The song sets up the tone for the couples to walk down the aisle. During the wedding planning journey, the bride and groom will have to select the wedding ceremony song order. Luckily, there is a large selection of songs that can fit any style and provide the proper ambiance for your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Song Order

Prelude Music

This usually lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. The prelude music begins when all your guests are gathering around, socializing, and getting ready to sit. If you have any special requests, let the wedding planner know beforehand so they can arrange for the songs to play.


This occurs when the mothers, grandparents, and any family members are getting ready to sit. Usually, the mothers of the couple are escorted to their seat. The couples can choose to include both parents, grandparents, and aunts or uncles.

Processional: Groom and Groomsmen

This is where the groom, groomsmen, and officiant are gathered together. This is very popular for outdoor ceremonies, but indoors can use them as well.

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor

We have the bridesmaids and maid of honor in order. Usually, the ladies are escorted by the groomsmen.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Flower girl and ring bearer can walk together; you can choose a new song here or select one for the entrance.

Bridal Procession

The bride is usually escorted by her father, children, parents, or a close relative.

Special Music

A lot of times, there are special songs in your life that resonates with you and your loved ones. There might be a romantic song such as Ed Sheeran or Jason Derulo that provides the lyrics of marriage and love. Couples often have meaningful songs to share their love with one another.


After the couple is announced, the recessional begins and completes when everyone exits the wedding party.

What Kind of Song to Pick for the DJ

This is where the huge party begins. Some bride and groom will have a live band to play their favorite music, or they can have the DJ to play the song. Before the wedding, Event Synergy states it’s important that the bride and groom pick their favorite list of songs and provide them to the DJ or the band. The songs are usually something meaningful for everyone to dance and to enjoy the overall ambiance.


Weddings are the most amazing part of anyone’s life. It is the union of two amazing people who are madly in love with each other. That is why it’s important to find the right songs for the wedding ceremony song order. The music plays a huge role in the wedding ceremony. If you have all your favorite songs and people you love in the room, then you know that you have the perfect wedding ceremony in front of you.