4 Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life

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(Newswire.net — January 5, 2019) — We all want good things in life but one thing which is very common in life is that nothing in life comes easy. We all have aspirations about how we want to look and conduct ourselves. Not everyone of us are blessed with six pack abs. most of us are ordinary with extraordinary aspirations. I also understand that not everyone is willing to hit the gym early in the morning. If you are one of those people then this article is going to get you an insight about a healthy lifestyle without really torturing yourself in the gym.

Habit 1-Drink Lemon Water
The very first thing that you need to do in the morning is to hydrate yourself. When I say the first thing in the morning, of course I mean you drink it before your coffee or food. It is one of the most inexpensive drinks that you can have anywhere on the planet. You only need one full lemon and a glass of water. The lemon water will clean your liver and it kickstarts your digestive system. Some of you have also heard about the ability of lemon to help in losing weight, trust me it worked wonders for me.

Habit 2- Meditate

Not many of us know how important meditation is. It is a practice where we learn to become aware of our thoughts. It is just like the regular exercise. Exercise helps your body whereas meditation feeds your brain, one name to this practice we can give is Yoga. The idea is to recognize what we are thinking so that you can choose what stays in your mind. This is how you can stay productive all day long and fill yourself with positive thoughts. This also helps in flushing out toxic thoughts. You can absolutely go virtual about meditation. There are lot of applications that helps you meditate and they are absolutely free to use. 

Habit 3- Eat a healthy Breakfast

Even if you are fatty than a big fat Panda, I would always recommend a healthy breakfast. Not just me but the whole science fraternity agrees with me on this. Sometimes people think that skipping breakfast is going to reduce their calorie intake for the day. This theory rarely works. The truth is that we need breakfast to get our metabolism started otherwise body goes into starvation mode and by doing so it collects more fat. The only way out is by having a healthy breakfast which has a good amount of protein and other nutrients that can help you all day long. Lets move towards 4th habit to be healthy. 

Habit 4- Practice Gratitude with gratitude journal template

The secret of being healthy is not just about your physical health. It is about being able to feel healthy. Gratitude is linked to many physical and psychological benefits. The study shows that grateful people have less body aches & have increased happiness levels because they are able to flush out the toxic emotions. Gratitude also improves our mental esteem and self esteem which ultimately help us to be the best version of ourselves.