Dentists Now Warn Against the Bad Tooth-Staining Habits and Foods

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( — January 25, 2019) Orlando, FL — Teeth whitening has become a cosmetic trend, and more and more people consider it as one of the ways to look and feel good. However, it is important to remember that it is always best to avoid some habits to reduce tooth staining.

According to dentists, there are three stains that stain the enamel, which is the exterior of the teeth. They are the Tannins, Chromogens, and Acids.

A plant-based compound called tannins push the stain to stick to the enamel. Chromogens, on the other hand, are compounds equipped with intense pigment that adheres to the enamel. Acids allow the stain to set in.

Drinks like tea of coffee have been found to contribute to tooth staining. In the United States, coffee is considered to be a major culprit of tooth staining. Tea has further been found to ruin the teeth.

Still in the United States, over 50 percent of the population consume tea on a daily basis. Tea is not just loaded with acids, but also tannins. It has even been found to stain the teeth much more than coffee does.

Research has shown that food dye, which is found in colored candies and sweetened drinks, are filled with sugars and acids bad for the teeth.

There are natural teeth whitening ingredients like activated charcoal found to be extremely beneficial.

In previous studies, activated charcoal has been found to work by whitening teeth and producing many other positive effects.

According to researchers, it has extremely porous surface that traps and binds with toxins, chemicals, stains, pollutants, and poisons.

When it comes to teeth whitening, it has been found to work by adsorbing plaque buildup from the teeth. It also eliminates stains produced by wine, coffee, or cigarettes. The use of activate charcoal may be helpful in deodorizing the mouth and inhibiting bacterial buildup even on the tooth brush.

Activated charcoal is even used in toothpastes, powders, and some other products like oral rinses to get rid of bacteria from the mouth. It also gets rid of the microscopic compounds that end up discoloring the teeth.

Aside from its teeth-whitening effects, activated charcoal has been found to offer many other health benefits.

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