BlocPal Partners With Coinsquare for In-App Exchanges

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( — January 30, 2019) — BlocPal is proud to announce its partnership with Coinsquare, the world’s home for digital currency. This partnership will help ensure that BlocPal users can find the most competitive rates for digital transactions, with the security and trust needed to expand business into the blockchain age.

Individuals using BlocPal to manage their digital assets can automatically perform price checks over participating exchanges Coinsquare and Bittrex. BlocPal technology facilitates the best available exchange rates with their trading partners, so crypto to fiat conversions, and conversely, fiat to cryptocurrencies are reasonably priced. Consumers can shop with confidence that they are getting the best deal.

BlocPal’s ease-of-use digital wallet merges consumers with commerce using innovative blockchain technology and security. By onboarding multiple exchanges, BlocPal is ensuring that competitive rates are always available to best manage one’s digital assets.

“We’re really excited that our services help power the BlocPal ecosystem,” added Leah Carr, VP of Licensing at Coinsquare. “After all, the easier it is to use crypto in your daily life, the better off the entire industry will be.”

As BlocPal continues to partner with more popular exchanges, the company is also committed to making cryptocurrency affordable and accessible to international consumers. Coinsquare is a great addition to BlocPal’s growing list of secure exchanges, with a 95% cold storage policy on all digital currencies they support, and multiple encrypted and distributed backsup daily.

Merchant and consumer-friendly, BlocPal is an innovative multi-currency blockchain platform which allows users to convert supported cryptocurrencies into CAD, USD, and EUR currencies for users in selected countries. It is transforming business by integrating cryptocurrency into real time, real world uses. More than secure storage for your digital assets, BlocPal promises lower fees than other wallet competitors. Additionally, BlocPal allows users to seamlessly withdraw fiat directly into their local bank account for optimal convenience.

BlocPal currently supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin, with more supported crypto and fiat currencies on the way. As BlocPal grows, users can expect to find more than 35 different cryptocurrencies supported on its easy-to-use platform, as well as integrating support in more than 120 countries and compatibility with 50 international currencies.

Visit the official website today to learn more about how you can use BlocPal to safely and securely store your digital assets, process payments, and exchange money worldwide. From there, you can download the BlocPal client on your Android or iOS device and start managing your cryptocurrency more effectively.