Introvert Public Speaking Tips and Confidence Skills Guide Book Launched

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( — March 1, 2019) — Long Beach, CA — Public speaking expert and author Carma Spence announced Public Speaking Super Powers, a book designed to help anyone struggling with the fear of public speaking to become a better speaker and improve their public speaking skills.

Carma Spence, an award-winning author and editor, launched Public Speaking Super Powers, a book offering practical public speaking tips for beginning and intermediate speakers. Ideal for introverts and anyone struggling with shyness, agoraphobia (fear of crowds), and a general discomfort when speaking in public, the book covers all the necessary skills needed to become a better speaker and see long-lasting improvements in overall communication skills.

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Fear of speaking in public – also known as glossophobia – is the most widely spread phobia, currently affecting more than 19% of all Americans. Particularly common with individuals who describe themselves as shy and introvert, this phobia can have a negative impact on one’s professional life, some studies associating it with a 10% impairment on wage.

The new book by Carma Spence aims to provide practical suggestions for anyone struggling with fear of public speaking, helping them gain all the skills necessary to overcome their fear and improve their overall communication skills.

Written for beginning and intermediate speakers, the book is based on the idea that anyone can become a better public speaker if they learn the foundational skills and techniques.

The book includes practical tips on how to write and deliver great speeches, as well as a secret method to unleash one’s “inner public speaking superpowers”.

Public Speaking Super Powers is based on Carma’s extensive experience as a public speaker, coach, award-winning editor, and author of multiple books and articles.

The book has been praised by numerous readers, as well as expert speakers and coaches. Author and speaking coach Davide Di Giorgio said: “It’s not every day that someone puts in the amount of research, time, and care on a topic that is so misunderstood and so poorly taught by perceived influencers in the public speaking space. Carma’s unique approach to unlocking your superpowers and unleashing your speaking skills is a fresh, practical, and accessible manual for anyone who wants to break into the speaking world.”

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