Health Experts Strongly Warn Against Dangers of Some Acne Drugs

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( — April 22, 2019) Wilmington, DE — Today, more and more people with acne turn to the use of some treatments to heal their condition. Unfortunately, the use of these treatments has been associated with some side effects.

According to dermatologists, acne is indeed a distressing condition. It is usually treated through the use of skin creams and lotion as well as antibiotics. There are also prescription medications that can be used only with the permission of a dermatologist.

Some of these acne-fighting drugs work in clearing up severe acne and preventing scarring. The bad news is that their use has been linked with adverse effects, such as severe abnormalities in the fetus.

Health authorities strongly warn against the use of these treatments during pregnancy. Some acne medications are also associated with the increased risk of depression and suicide.

It is worth mentioning that certain steps have been found beneficial for reducing acne risks. It is always best to take these measures to prevent the onset of acne than attempt to get some treatments that may actually end up not useful.

When it comes to fighting acne, some medicinal plants like aloe vera may be helpful. Many researchers have been investigating on the therapeutic goodness of this natural ingredient.

Studies have shown aloe vera has strong anti-microbial properties, which can aid in clearing scars and blemishes caused by acne. It is important to stress that aloe vera has long been considered to be an excellent source of vitamin C, which can aid in collagen production.

Dermatologists have long revealed that collagen aids in ensuring that the skin cells stay firm, supple, and strong. This means that aloe vera may be extremely helpful in fighting acne and spots.

In 2004, researchers carried out an experiment on 84 undergraduate university students. It also involved treatment of lesions using lotion products with aloe vera.

It has been found that lotions with increased aloe vera content were more effective and faster in resolving inflammatory lesions.

Aloe vera has long been recognized due to the skin-healing, therapeutic substances and nutrients it contains. It has over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, which include 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids.

Aloe Vera increases the skin’s support protein, collagen, which keeps skin firm and youthful looking.

To experience its benefits, it is wise to consider the use of DermaSafe Stretch Mark and Scar Cream, which is a superior moisturizer.

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