New Research Suggests Rhodiola May Exert Diabetes-Fighting Benefits

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( — April 30, 2019) Orlando, FL — Worldwide, diabetes is undeniably prevalent. It is often managed through the use of pharmaceutical drugs, but more and more experts are actually investigating on what certain natural remedies can do to remedy the condition.

According to scientists, rhodiolarosea may be potentially helpful. This natural healing ingredient has a long history of medicinal use, and is now being widely studied by clinicians and researchers.

Health authorities warn that type 2 diabetes can result in serious health complications. While it often develops without warning signs, there are indeed symptoms.Research has shown that around a third of those with type 2 diabetes are not aware they have the condition.

Some of the most common symptoms are increased hunger, dry mouth, increased thirst, frequent urination, urine infections, blurred vision, headaches, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss.

Experts have long warned against diabetes as it doesn’t have a cure yet and can only be managed. It is important to have it diagnosed and treated early. When left untreated, it could potentially lead to complications like foot amputations and blindness.

When it comes to diabetes, it is often pharmaceutical drugs that people normally think about as a treatment. While medications are indeed necessary in the management of this condition, experts investigate on the use of some safer alternatives.

According to researchers, natural remedies like rhodiolarosea may be potentially helpful in cases of diabetes. In an animal study, investigators found rhodiola may aid in improving diabetes control.

What makes its use even more beneficial is that it has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic rats. It was able to do so by increasing the number of glucose transporters in the blood.

Experts found these transporters reduce blood sugar via their ability to transport glucose into the cells. While the studies involved rodents, more research is being carried out to determine if its benefits are applicable to humans.

However, it stays true that its use is highly recommended and widespread. It is worth mentioning rhodiola use is associated with a range of health benefits.

Some scientists suggest rhodiola has a remarkable potential to ward off a range of diseases and disorders. It is widely used via supplementation for preventive health purposes.

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