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If you are diabetic or maybe you went through chemotherapy there is a great chance that you will develop peripheral neuropathy. The symptoms include pain and numbness in the hands and feet, but primarily in the feet. The feet are further away from the heart so it is more difficult to get adequate blood flow to the distal areas. So to say that you have neuropathy is to say that your vascular and nervous system is compromised.

If you have neuropathy you are already aware of these facts. What I would like to address is what needs to take place in the body to reverse the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. The first thing that needs to be addressed is that blood flow needs to be restored to the skin of the extremity with symptoms. Here is why the sensory nerves close to the skin relay information to the brain. The brain then responds by sending nerve impulses to the muscles. Any interruption of nerve impulses impairs nerve function.

The next thing to address is that blood flow needs to be restored in the veins from the extremity to the heart. The veins need to be strong enough to take blood away after delivering nutrients and oxygen. This should make sense. In the previous paragraph, we discuss blood flow to the dermis and now we discuss the vessels that actually do the heavy lifting.

Lymphatic circulation needs to be restored. In case you didn’t know this lymph glands move gunk outside the body. large molecules may not fit into veins to get the garbage out of your body. This is the job of the lymphatic system. What happens when garbage men go on strike? Well, the same thing occurs in your body. A body compromised from diabetes or cancer is no different. Get the lymph to circulate and you will start feeling better.
Remineralization of the synaptic junctions needs to occur. Nerves may seem like one long wire but they are really a bunch of wires connected at synaptic junctions. When the synaptic junction is slow the nerve impulses are slow as well. the body needs certain nutrients to make the transfer of nerve impulses faster and efficient.

Re-education of the nerve cells to create and transmit healthy waveforms is vital to change the state the body is in with peripheral neuropathy. The cell walls of each nerve cell need to allow the transfer of good stuff in and the bad stuff out. The term applied here is cell membrane permeability. So while the person with peripheral neuropathy wants to get out of pain it really cannot happen without addressing these areas. I might add that there are several more areas that need attention.

Physical impingements need to be identified, reduced, or eliminated. This is where chiropractic care and physical therapy come together. Besides diabetes and chemo-induced neuropathy trauma from work accidents or sports injuries can damage a nerve. The physical body needs to be able to accommodate the nerve. Putting it in plain English the body needs to be a good host to the nerves. Traumatic induced peripheral neuropathy is another type of neuropathy.

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