Research Suggests Adult Coloring Has Powerful Brain Health Effects

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( — May 27, 2019) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Adult coloring books have been gaining increasing popularity in the recent years. According to some experts, it could be an adjunct to some art therapy activities.

The researchers from the Johns Hopkins University suggest that coloring could be an excellent alternative to meditation. It is important to stress that meditation has long been associated with various health benefits.

The American Art Therapy Association, on the other hand, defines art therapy as a mental health profession in which the process of making and creating artwork is used for specific purposes.

These include exploring feelings, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, managing behavior and addictions, developing social skills, improving reality orientation, as well as reducing anxiety and increase self-esteem.

It is worth stressing that art therapy has long been found to produce a range of benefits, such as reduction of stress and anxiety levels. Some experts further suggest it aids in enhancing concentration and warding off negative thoughts.

There are many professionals nowadays who use adult coloring books to relax from the significant mental or emotional issues they are dealing with. It is thought that coloring books place one in a creative process that produces remarkable mental health benefits.

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