Does Your Dog Have Peripheral Neuropathy?

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( — May 22, 2019) Darien, CT — Warning Signs That Your Dog Has Peripheral Neuropathy?

Seriously, have you noticed your diabetic canine moving a little more slowly? Just as diabetes affects millions of Americans it also affects our favorite pets. With diabetes, there are always complications. One of the comorbidities is neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where the covering on the nerves is depleted due to excess sugar in the blood. This leads to pain and numbness, as well as a noticeable decrease in mobility. It makes sense that if something hurts you use it less. Dogs are no different.
 Here is what you can do. You should ask your veterinarian who is treating your best friend’s diabetes what canine medication they should be taking. Try and observe if you notice your dog being more lethargic. Pay attention if your dog gets up from lying down more tentatively. Also, listen to hear if your pet winces a bit when starting to move. Look for changes in your dog’s bark.
 For some reason, dogs with diabetes develop peripheral neuropathy. An interesting and serious side effect is that a dog can have laryngeal paralysis that can develop in association with diabetes mellitus in dogs with clinical peripheral neuropathy. Therefore if you notice that your favorite pet gags on his or her food you must get the dog to the veterinarian right away.
 Current medications for neuropathy for humans are Cymbalta and Lyrica. These medications for neuropathy are off label. They are anti-seizure medications that work sometimes to relieve neuropathic symptoms. If your dog is prescribed a canine version of Cymbalta pay close attention to weight gain. The last thing a diabetic dog needs is to gain weight.
 I hope you found this article interesting. If you love your pet then this might be worthwhile reading.

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