BI Technology Leading the Way with Vibrating Sieve Machinery for Industry

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( — May 22, 2019) — It is over 30 years since I.mec began providing its services, and in 1999 the BI Technology brand was created, but now those two brands have come together for one single catalogue of products.

All those years of experience have made the company one of the best for quality and reliability of the products and services. They pride themselves on delivering the best and can provide services and solutions to manufacturers.

Certification is important for quality assurance

When it comes to food production, it is important to ensure everything is to the highest standard and quality, and manufacturers need to have the mandatory EU licences and certifications, and preferably the optional certifications for additional assurance. This is how you know it is a company you can trust and rely on, but also it is vital in your own manufacturing or production line that the safety of your own workforce is catered for, and that using these machines also ensure a quality outcome for you too.

What are the uses and benefits of vibrating sieves

A vibrating sieve is used in production to remove the oversized particles for fine or very fine products. Think of baking a cake and sifting the flour. They come in many different sizes and shapes that fit well into most production lines or industrial process.

A well-maintained machine will produce much higher quality fine products, and higher yields than other processes, meaning better overall productivity and improved customer satisfaction.  It is also a means to separate powders and liquids by size and grade for different production lines. 

It is quite prevalent for use in many mass food production processes, not just with flour and preparation of raw foods for sale, but also in food preparation, for example mass production bakeries, or even smaller ones.

Adaptable to meet any client need or specification 

BI Technology design and manufacture each product on there 6,000 square meter site, and carry out rigorous testing to ensure every single product meets the highest standard.

They also go to great lengths, with their industry experts and lab technicians, to adapt the machines to suit varied client needs and provide the solution that works best for them. This is where the many years of experience in the industry are so important. They can act just like a strategic and trusted partner you can rely on.

They can provide specialist bespoke machinery such as vibrating screens and iron removal systems for all sectors where sieving, storage and iron removal are part of the production process.

A partner you can trust for advice and guidance 

When you are looking for the best advice you need to speak to the experts. You can get a quote from – Vibrating Sieves simply by completing the online form or giving them a call to discuss your precise specifications. The agents are very experienced and will be able to put together a proposal that meets your needs. 

They are also experts in other types of machinery for industry, including:

Mixer tanks

Mechanical canvases for vibrating sieves

Iron removers



Dissolving Units

Mill discharge Units 

It is important to be able to make an informed decision, and also be able to trust in the quality and reliability of the products, so that you can produce the best products yourself. And for that you need a company you can trust.