School Fundraising Tips – Bringing in Donations

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( — June 19, 2019) — Raising money for a campus cause or fund can take a toll on the planning committee and be very stressful. In order to make planning and hosting an event to raise money smooth, easy and fun, you will need to keep in mind some school fundraising tips.

School Fundraising Tips

When it comes to fundraising for your school, there are various ways to go about it. Whether you are fundraising for a school club, or for athletics, these tips are sure to help your fundraiser go smoothly.

Plan Ahead

A lot of money, time and foot work goes into planning a fundraising event. Avoid rushing and procrastinating to the very last minute by scheduling meetings for ideas and delegating tasks or responsibilities. Also, the earlier you plan, the more amount of time you have to raise money. For example, think of a way for non-local family members to be able to contribute to your fundraiser. You’ll also want to determine what you’re selling for the fundraiser, such as clothing or baked goods.

Gather Your Team

The right team will get the job done with ease. Assign tasks to those who are best qualified to do that task to avoid any minor mistakes and get the best results. A great team includes outgoing promoters, meticulous counters to keep track of funds and organized delegators that are able to keep everyone on schedule.

Clear Goals

Be sure that the aspiring goal is not only realistic, but also consistent. Continually changing the goals throughout the fundraising event makes it hard to accomplish milestones and loses the motivation for people to participate. Also, don’t overwhelm a small team with a large to do list and no time to do it. Doing this makes the results of each task rushed and helpers can’t give 100% to their project.

Expand the Audience

Spread the word on your fundraiser to more than just the students and faculty. Encourage the students to get their families and neighbors involved to enjoy the event and to sponsor or donate to the school fundraiser. A great way for you to reach those out of town is to create a school/team website! This way donors can purchase apparel to wear that represent your school.

Stay in Touch

If your fundraisers duration is a long period of time, continue to communicate with the community about the progress of the fundraiser. Send out emails and newsletters with students to bring home. This reminds the community about the fundraiser and to get involved before it ends. Also, give parents a couple weeks or a months notice so they can plan for it.

Reach Out to Sponsors

Ask businesses around the school or organizations that support the same cause to either donate money or materials to use for the fundraiser. The local business or similar cause will be glad to gain more business from the awareness your schools fundraiser will bring and your committee will get to save some time and money.

To Summarize

The listed school fundraising tips are the most effective ways to plan and coordinate a fundraiser smoothly. Try not to overwhelm yourself or your team with too much to do within a short amount of time and don’t be afraid to ask for sponsorships. The results of the fundraiser and the amount of money raised are as great as the effort put into the event.