Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas – Ways to Raise Money

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( — June 19, 2019) — Fundraisers have become more interesting and vary to attract the direct audience and sponsor an organization would like to attract. From the casual bake sale to a risque underwear marathon run, companies and organizations are able to make any event directly to their cause and demographics. Even corporate fundraising event ideas can be unique while still being business appropriate.  

Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas

There are several corporate fundraising ideas that will spark interest. In order to have a successful fundraiser there are tips you need to follow and certain events you must hold. From a company yard sale to a balloon pop, there are many events you can hold to raise money.

  1. Steps Challenge – A friendly competition usually attracts a lot of participation from an ambitious community. Pedometers can be bought in bulk online or participants can be encouraged to download a step counting app on their smartphones. People make a donation or are charged a participation fee and the one who walks the most steps in the duration can win a prize or many prizes can be given, depending on the fundraising budget.
  2. Company “Yard Sale” – Possibly more similar to a swap meet or flea market, just taking place on the company parking lot or building. Employees and their friends and families can bring some items they’d like to sell to the public and donate the proceeds to the cause. 
  3. Talent Show – No audience is too old for a little entertainment performed by friends, fellow neighbors or co-workers. If the budget allows, companies can rent a venue and charge an entry fee for anyone who would like to come and watch. To raise a little extra money, employees can sell some kind of snacks or baked goods on the side either during the show or during an intermission. All of the funds raised can go directly to the cause.
  4. Balloon Pop – Companies invite employees, their families, friends or the local public to attend an event in which they will buy a balloon either for a set fee or a donation amount range from $1-$10. Everyone can pop their balloons at the same and someone will find a prize in their balloon. To make everyone a winner, employees can gather prizes and allow the public to win their items.
  5. Karaoke Night – Welcome everyone to gather and sing their favorite songs with a karaoke night. Karaoke machines can be rented or borrowed from someone, participants can either pay an entrance fee or can make a donation per song they’d like to sing. In addition to serving the entertainment, snacks and beverages can be served as well.
  6. Holiday Themed Fundraisers – Sometimes fundraisers may end up around a holiday or they can be specifically planned and themed as a specific holiday. The community can pay to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, Pumpkin Carving Party or Holiday / Meet Santa event.
  7. Potluck and Raffle – Employees and their families will bring a dish and are encouraged to buy raffle tickets to win a prize. To keep everyone busy and entertained, side games and competitions can take places such as races, cornhole or a small obstacle course.

Corporate fundraising event ideas are numerous and can be unique and fun for all employees or the community to enjoy. Some fundraisers get people excited with the competition, promote healthy habits or gather the public to enjoy their time and products together.