What Sports Are the Best for Spectators?

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(Newswire.net — June 25, 2019) — The best kind of sport is one that is exciting to play and thrilling to watch, whether that’s because you’re watching the best team in the league or a key moment in a tournament. There’s a certain spectacle in watching sports live that makes for a unique and memorable experience, but some sports are particularly great for those in the crowds, from the electric atmosphere to the skill and talent shown through the game. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a great sport for spectators, with a vibrant and lively atmosphere that makes the races exhilarating to watch. No matter the type of racing you’re watching, from steeplechases and jumps races to flat races, from Ascot and the Epsom Derby to the Grand National, there’s always a great ambiance and incredible talent from the jockeys. Add on to, the fact that you can get close to the horses in TheWinnersEnclosure it makes for a great time. The huge crowds of thousands that attend many of the horse racing events throughout the year are a testament to the popularity of this sport for spectators. 


Anyone who has ever gone to a football match will tell you how electric the atmosphere is. Football fans are some of the most enthusiastic of all sports and that passion certainly makes witnessing live football games a unique experience compared to other sporting events, particularly for big competitions and tournaments. If you’ve ever had the privilege of heading to a game between two big-hitting teams, you’ll appreciate just how thrilling and lively the games are and just how entertaining they can be for spectators. 


Tennis is an altogether calmer affair than some other sporting events, but it’s no less entertaining for fans in the crowds. Big championships and competitions such as Wimbledon or The French Open are particularly exciting, as fans are treated to witnessing the very best in the sport compete. 


Boxing matches are voracious, in part because of the pitched battles and high stakes that are taken into the ring. Because boxing is such a physical sport, there’s often more at stake than in other activities, which adds to its appeal for fans and spectators. Boxing fans will no doubt remember the first time they saw a match and how it sparked their interest in the sport – live boxing matches are quite unlike anything else and for spectators in the crowd, the careful balance of skill, speed and precision timing makes for a really breath-taking experience. 


Basketball is a fun sport to watch, as scores can change so quickly and in the space of just a few minutes, the outcome can completely switch in favour of the previously losing team. There’s a lot of interaction with basketball fans, from standing until the first basket has been scored to the encouragement shouted from the stands, creating a rousing atmosphere around the court. Sports fans should head to a basketball game at least once, even if it’s not their usual sport of choice, as it’s an enjoyable night out even for those who don’t usually watch the game.