Experts Reveal the Science-based Tricks to Dramatically Reduce Heart Disease Risk

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( — August 9, 2019) Orlando, FL — Taking certain measures have been scientifically found to be beneficial in protecting heart function and health. While they are easy steps, unfortunately they are not followed and then many still end up suffering from heart disease.

Scientists have long been stressing the importance of consuming more fruits and vegetables, which are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins as well as dietary fiber.

Multiple research studies have shown that these foods contain therapeutic substances that aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It is wise to not just increase intake of fruits and vegetables, but also cut back on cheese, meat, and snack foods.

It is also recommended to consume whole grains, which have long been identified to be excellent sources of fiber. They also contain high levels of various nutrients that aid in regulating blood pressure and heart health.

Aside from knowing which foods and beverages to consume, it is also recommended to learn which to avoid. It is best to limit intake of unhealthy fats, such as saturated and trans fats.

Doing this has been scientifically found helpful in reducing levels of bad cholesterol and the risk of coronary artery disease.

It is worth mentioning the American Heart Association offers guidelines for how much fat to include in a heart-healthy diet.

What not many people are aware of is that some vitamins like biotin may aid in offer protection to the heart. It has been particularly found beneficial for heart health and against stroke, heart attacks, inflammation, and atherosclerosis.

Multiple research studies have long revealed that biotin could offer a range of therapeutic benefits. It could even increase levels of good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Biotin has long been studied due to its powerful disease-fighting abilities. It is also important to be warned that low levels of this B vitamin inside the body could produce some undesirable health consequences.

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