Dynamo LED Displays Transforms the Arsenal FC Merchandise Store

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(Newswire.net — August 3, 2019) —

Dynamo LED Displays specialises in the creation, installation, sale, hiring, repair and maintenance of LED products such as LED video walls, screens, tickers and custom signs.

London, UK: Dynamo LED Displays has transformed the Arsenal FC Merchandise store with a futuristic new look using their exceptional LED displays. The installation featured cutting edge products such as LED “magic” mirrors, custom built LED tickers, interior large format displays and high brightness LED screens for windows that can be seen in direct sunlight.

In partnership with the Arsenal Football Club’s marketing team and also part of the £300 million sponsorship deal with Adidas, Dynamo LED strived to create displays that are not only entertaining but also informative and promotional.

The new store, branded “The Armoury”, has an eye-catching look that is poised to excite the shoppers. One of the features designed to excite store visitors is the inclusion of “magic’ mirrors, one of Dynamo’s recently developed products. These “magic” mirrors have a special functionality that changes from video content display to luxury mirror when a hidden sensor is activated.

Dynamo has also introduced a unique section within the store known as the skill zone and celebration station. This section offers Arsenal fans a chance to test their football skills under a live recording that super imposes their favourite players from the squad while they showcase their football skills. The footage is then emailed to them for personal use such as sharing on social media. The celebrations recorded of fans at the end of the recording are also pushed to the jumbo screen in the stadium, where they will be displayed during match days for everyone in the ground to see.

Speaking at the Arsenal merchandise store, Dynamo’s operations director Yvonne McDonald acknowledged the new transformation as a piece of art. According to her, this project was awarded to Dynamo due to the company’s long history of creating memorable displays. They have previously handled projects like LED displays on double-decker buses, custom shop fronts made entirely of LED and hot air balloons.

Since its inception, the company has taken part in various innovative LED projects. They have served major brands worldwide including various projects in the Middle East and Europe. For every project, Dynamo is dedicated to bringing their clients’ advertising visions to fruition.

Their services do not end at the installation of LED products. They also help with the maintenance and repair of LED signs and displays to ensure their displays are operating long after completion. Following the success of their collaboration with the Arsenal FC Merchandise Store, Dynamo LED Displays hopes to continue serving other brands they admire, both in the UK and abroad.