Experts Now Highlight the Interesting Benefits of Doodling

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( — August 26, 2019) Wilmington, DE — Doodling for some people is just one of the art activities that they turn to as a past time. However, it is important to remember that this particular activity has been found to produce benefits.

In 2009, a study had 40 participants listen to intentionally rambling voicemail. It is also worth noting that during the listening session, half of the subjects doodled while the other half did not.

It has been found that doodlers recalled more information by 29 percent. In addition to enhancing memory, it is also worth noting that this art activity has been found to promote better concentration.

According to another study, doodling has an ability to fire up the executive resources of the brain. It is important to realize that executive resources pertain to cognitive processes allowing people to concentrate, multi-task, and plan.

Researchers suggest that doodling keeps the mind grounded during classes or long meetings.

What makes doodling even more beneficial is that it offers relief from stress.

Dr Robert Burns is a leader of the Institute for Human Development at the University of Seattle. He makes his patients doodle to access and diagnose their emotional issues. There are actually many other health benefits linked with doodling.

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