How to Protect New Carpet – Key Tips

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( — September 26, 2019) — Most people prefer carpets as a flooring option as they’re available in a variety of styles, textures and colors. Moreover, carpets have several advantages over other flooring options. They add texture, pattern, color and warmth to any room. Protecting your carpet from spills, stains, dirt and daily wear and tear can help prolong its useful life. Here are a few tips on how to protect new carpet.

How to Protect New Carpet

This post highlights a few tips on how to care for your carpet and make the most of it. These are simple tips that will prolong your carpets life and ensure your carpets are fresh and clean all year round.

Avoid Carpeting High Traffic Areas

When deciding which areas of your house you need to carpet, it’s important to consider areas with the highest foot traffic. Areas such as the front entry highways can be very busy and these are the areas you should avoid carpeting if possible. Carpets are great for bedrooms, dens and living rooms as they make these areas warm and cozy but high traffic areas such as the front door entryway are not the best places to install a carpet as they often have plenty of dust and mud.

Wipe Your Feet

To minimize the chances of mud and dirt coming into contact with your carpet, ask your guests and family members to wipe their feet and take off their shoes when entering the house. You can also place outdoor and indoor mats at entryways to reduce the amount of dirt trekked into your home.

Consider investing in a shoe rack and a basket of slippers or flip-flops as a reminder for everyone entering the house to take their shoes off at the door.

Vacuum Carpet Regularly

No matter how diligent you are about asking your guests to take off their shoes and wipe their feet, dirt will inevitably get into your home. As such, it’s important to vacuum your carpet regularly as a basic carpet cleaning method. Vacuuming your carpet regularly is one of the most critical carpet maintenance tasks that will keep it looking great all year round and extend its useful life. Vacuuming helps to reduce the dullness of your carpet, removes allergens, minimizes the effects of foot traffic and noticeably removes dirt and crumbs, but cannot clean a really dirty carpet.

Ultimately, vacuuming your carpet regularly helps to ensure it looks better for longer. Make a habit of vacuuming areas with heavy foot traffic several times a week.

Protect Your Carpet

In addition to vacuuming your carpet regularly, consider applying a carpet protector spray to your carpet – especially after it has been professionally cleaned. Doing so helps to maintain the carpet’s stain resistance as the protective layers wear down over time.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your carpet requires you to take a proactive approach to keeping it clean and free of debris. Other tips on how to protect your carpet include getting rid of stains and spots as soon as possible and ensuring your carpet is professionally cleaned from time to time.