Stress Is a Leading Cause of Premature Deaths

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( — September 29, 2019) — Today’s society is more stressed than ever. Our lives are more complex than our grandparent’s and we have much more to juggle day to day. However, there are those of us who lead incredibly stressful lives, whether it be issues at home or stress from demanding jobs, and that stress can lead to an early grave. Do you find yourself on edge constantly, or wondering how you can get everything done daily and maintain your composure. If not, you’re not alone. According to the American Institute of Stress, 33% of Americans feel that they live in extremely stressful conditions.

Managing Chaos

It can feel like you’re living in a perpetual cycle of chaos, and over a course of time, the effects can be devastating to the body and mind. That is why it is key to find coping mechanism that are useful and productive, as well as making sure that we eat right, get plenty of sleep, and even sneak in some time for exercise. That may sound like a chore for those who are already stretched thin, but for those who want to manage conditions at home and work more effectively, it is critical. Those who are overwhelmed are encouraged to seek solutions by consulting with a counselor or beginning stress management classes. These tools can give people the means to reduce or manage stressful conditions more effectively, as well as release pent up feelings that can fester and manifest through destructive behaviors.

Alternative Supplementation

In addition to seeking therapy and stress management, those who are suffering from substantial stress can also try safe, and effective remedies and supplements to help manage their daily lives. One of the latest and greatest options is CBD. This CBD is a derivative of cannabis, but without the elevated levels of THC, which means that you get the benefits of cannabis without the high that it is known to produce. CBD can be administered through oil, or other edible forms. There are even candies made with CBD to make the experience more enjoyable and tasty. It has been shown to produce a positive effect in many who are experiencing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Some other remedies include sleep relaxation techniques which can be performed before bed to help release tension in the body and promote more restful sleep. There are also melatonin supplements that help people fall asleep more easily and can help produce a more restful night’s sleep to help tackle all of the tasks for the day. Keep in mind that Yoga is also another proven remedy that can help people stay in shape and get the exercise they need to help cope more effectively.

Stress can be a part of life for many, but it doesn’t have to be unmanageable. Get more out of your day and have fewer health problems by taking action and participating in activities that are beneficial stress reducers, and also try a few safe alternative remedies to get a more noticeable effect.