Brexit: Opportunity for UK Investors to Consider US Franchises

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( — September 30, 2019) Sydney, NSW — Brexit is the term given to the United Kingdom (UK) withdrawing from the European Union (EU). Following the June 23, 2016 referendum where, by a tight majority, the country voted to leave the EU, there has been much talk and theorizing of how Brexit will affect many areas of the economy within the UK, Europe and further afield, most notably the United States.

The process of exiting the EU has proven to be and will continue to be a difficult and lengthy process. During this time of uncertainty, the Bank of England has confirmed it has plans in place to support the UK’s economy. And lenders are continuing to confirm that there are no significant adverse changes expected. Despite this, some economists are talking of some difficult economic times ahead with the potential of another recession on the horizon.

Potential Instability of UK Franchising Market

Currently, the UK franchising market is very buoyant. Estimated to be valued at more than £15 million GBP, franchising in the UK is at an all-time high and has been for the past decade. However, many are considering how the process of Brexit will affect consumer confidence and, in return, franchising.

Franchisees Looking to US Franchising Market for Stability

It is because of this uncertainty that many UK entrepreneurs, investors and franchisees are considering other markets outside of the UK and Europe.

According to Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of All State Franchise Finders, interest from UK investors looking to invest in US franchises is on the rise. Derek is one of the leading franchising experts in the US. Over the last two or so years, he has been dealing with an increasing number of enquiries from UK investors.

“We are finding more and more UK investors enquiring about the potential of investing in US-based franchises,” says Derek. “And a large percentage of these UK enquiries are from those who are current franchise owners in Britain.”

Derek understands the economic and political uncertainty that the UK is currently under, and will continue to be under for some time to come, is what is encouraging many British investors to consider moving into the US franchising market.

Franchising through ALLSTATEFF.COM

All State Franchise Finders is considered one of America’s leading experts in franchising. Guiding US and international franchisees through the process of franchise selection, financing and set-up, Derek and his team offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and advice to those wanting to invest in a franchise.

For more information, or to contact All State Franchise Finders, call 1-800-544-2161 or visit today.

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