How to Prepare for a Move out of State – Pro Tips

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( — October 4, 2019) — Are you planning to make a cross-country move, but don’t know how to prepare for a move out of state? You’re not the only one! Lately, many Americans have expressed their wish to move out of their states for several reasons, but many of them don’t know how to plan a move to another state, much less how to move to another state cheaply! Although people have a vague idea of the basics of moving out , such as when to start packing to move the house, it’s better if you start preparing to move checklist before taking any big decision.

How to Prepare for a Move Out of State

This article knows how much of a hassle it is to move out and we’ve prepared a checklist you might use as a guide. If your mind is set on moving out to another state, then check out for the things to consider while preparing for the big day!

1. Budget

You have to pay many upfront expenses before moving out, so do your research first and make sure how much money you’ll need to cover all the costs required for a smooth transition. Sometimes you won’t be able to afford some luxuries (cost of living varies from region to region, remember), so we recommend you to use a cost of living calculator to determine if your salary can take you out of the state or not. You can also look into ways that you can save money during a move, especially if it’s a four bedroom home.

2. Research Employers

Investigate not only what employers can help you with, but also what do they cover and what can they reimburse, such as shipping, packing, transportation and so on, when you move out. Once you find one, negotiate during the hiring process and don’t stop asking questions until you’re completely satisfied with them.

3. What Are You Moving?

Is it worth to bring old items to your new house? Sadly, and despite the fondness you might have towards them, some items might have to be sold because moving them will be pricier. It’s better to get extra money if you decide to sell them and get some money to cover your expenses!

4. Plan Your Taxes

Because you’ll move to another state, remember that you may have to file two separate state tax returns, especially if you earned income in two different states during the current fiscal year. Don’t forget to file a return in each state to cover the time you lived there.

5. Research Moving Transportation

You could move out on your own, but it’s really tiresome and difficult, so, even though in theory it would be a bit more cost-effective, sometimes it’s better to invest on professionals that could handle the hardest parts. Let’s check the three most popular services.

  • Professional Movers: They will basically do the item packing, loading, shipping and unpacking, so you only have to tell them when and where to move your items.

  • Truck Rental: If you feel comfortable with driving such large vehicles and meet the legal requirements to rent one, you can handle your move out by yourself with a truck!

  • Shipping Containers: They’re gigantic self-storage lockers! Companies will let you rent their containers so you can fill them with your items and move them to your destination on a designated date.

6. Obtain Estimations

Once you’ve decided what moving transportation to use, get at least 3 cost estimations from different companies to get the best deal. Check their websites, other customers’ reviews and online recommendations.

7. Get Insured

Even if you hire the most reliable company around, accidents can happen. Don’t test your luck in this situation (it’ll be pricey enough already!) and get a moving insurance before moving out.

8. Update Your Information

Update your bills, loans, credit card and bank accounts as soon as you settle down, or else, you might run into problems later. You’ll also need a new driver’s license, vehicle registration and updated car insurance, but these ones can wait.

Finally, some last considerations.

Do moving companies pack your stuff?

Professional movers might and will, if you ask them. However, they charge for that too, so we recommend you try to pack your stuff on your own to save some bucks.

How many boxes do I need to move a 3 bedroom house?

On average, 3-bedroom houses require 25-30 medium boxes, 15-25 large boxes and 10-12 extra-large boxes.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to prepare for a move out of state, it’s time to write down preparing to move checklist and do your own research as to how to plan a move to another state. You’ll know when to start packing to move your house and how to proceed with everything once you have discovered how to move to another state cheaply, as things will start coming together on their own with the information you gather. With that said, we wish you the best of luck in your new home!