Smartphone Repair Tips – Fix Them like a Pro!

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( — October 9, 2019) — Looking for some smartphone repair tips for your future workshop? Don’t worry! As long as you know the basics of how to repair phones, you’re more than set! Still, we’ll gladly share with you some tips that expert technicians have for novice technicians so you can start fixing the most common iPhone problems, Android phones issues and more right away! Can you repair a cracked phone screen by yourself, you ask? Of course you can – with the proper tools and prompts, that is!

Smartphone Repair Tips

We’ve compiled some of the most resourceful smartphone repair tips that will help you kickstart your repair workshop. Still, we recommend you to take professional courses so you can gain proper instruction, although you can get a broader understanding with the pointers we’ve prepared below.


Gather enough tools to start up with your own workstation. Because cellphone repair is a very vast field, you need specialized tools in addition to the common ones. Browse in Google for the ones you need and get them as soon as you can.

Dismantle Carefully

Always remember the way you dismantled the device, because you’ll have to do the reverse manner when it’s time to reassemble it. In addition to this, be extra careful about the LCD; it is the most delicate – and expensive! – part of each cellphone. This is especially if the phone is showing signs of water damage. Finally, be sure to keep all the phone’s pieces in one place; if you lose one and have no spares, you’ll get in trouble!

Screws Spares & Replacements

When it’s time to reassemble, you might have to replace the screws. Place them in their respective slots and always keep spares of the same type, size and shape, if you happen to lose one. Never leave handsets with missing screws: aside from looking unpleasant, it unbalances the alignment.

Clean Work Area

Don’t start to work with a dirty, unorganized workstation! Aside from bringing you trouble with the mess you leave behind, it speaks loud and clear of your character and work manners to potential clients. Don’t scare them away; keep your workplace neat and clean to attract people!

Keep the SIM Card and Memory Card Safe

Once you accept any handset for repairs, immediately store the SIM and memory card in a safe place during the procedure. To make it practical, you can keep them in a small box with the customer’s name and/or handset model or number of the receipt. Either way, pick an option that will save you from the hassle of rummaging in the sea of tools in search of these important pieces!

Take Care of the Customer Data

Just as you took care of the cards of before, you must take the same precautions with the phone software and data, especially if they weigh a major importance than the device itself.

If needed, ask the customer if they’d like a backup and/or a complete phone reset (although you can do the former without asking them) before proceeding with such delicate actions.

Browse for Help

If you ever get stuck with something, don’t be afraid to seek solutions through Internet! Sometimes the solution is simple and you just don’t know it.

Looking for answer in Internet is similar to studying, so do it often so it can count as study time! You can also turn towards the internet to learn how to protect your phone from damage in the first place.

What are the problems with iPhones?

The most common problems in iPhones are the white screen of death, loss of data after an upgrade or jailbreak, water damage, battery life, black screen, overheat, camera roll crash, and iTunes bugs.

How do you stop a phone crack from spreading?

Drop a small amount of cyanoacrylate or glue onto the crack, and tilt the phone to allow it to penetrate the cracked zone. Finally, wipe away any access with the tissues before it dries to stop the crack from spreading.

Bottom Line 

With these smartphone repair tips, you’re ready to repair the most common iPhone problems and Android issues! Even if you didn’t know how to repair phones professionally before, these tips will set you on the right path so you can begin working! Now, if somebody asks you “Can you repair a cracked phone screen?”, you can proudly respond “Yes!”