Laser Body Hair Removal and Skin Treatment Devices 2019 Honest Review Site Launch

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( — October 18, 2019) — We Are Body Beautiful launched their new site with extensive reviews of hair removal and skin improvement laser technology devices. All these devices can be used at home. They have accurate and honest descriptions of the products’ safety, effectiveness, and specific purpose.

“We Are Body Beautiful” launched their new site with roundups and reviews of body laser hair removal and skin improvement products. All the products listed on their website are clinically tested and many have FDA clearance.

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The newly launched site We Are Body Beautiful has an extensive review list of body hair hygiene and skin rejuvenation products. Unlike other listing companies, this website lists only products that have been extensively researched and tested by actual users. This testing takes place over a period of several months and follows a systematic look at each product. Detailed real-world feedback is collected.

The reviews also have photographs, helpful tips to choose the correct device and an accurate listing of pros and cons for each apparatus. Products are also matched to specific needs and use. Therefore, the users can easily find hair removal products suitable for whole-body treatments or for small area treatments such as for the face.

The product information provided on the We Are Body Beautiful website also provides important safety and efficacy details. They list out any negative outcomes and possible concerns based on skin and hair type and color, and medical or health considerations. Also included are a few older devices that customers must not buy because of poor value or outdated features.

Laura Gladman, the founder of We Are Body Beautiful says “Home laser hair removal was life-changing for me. But I also spent ages wading through marketing-fluff and seeking out genuine first-hand user feedback. I was frustrated, so I started WeAreBodyBeautiful to test and give objective, in-depth reviews and comparisons. All to help others save time and find their perfect machine too.”

All the products on the We Are Body Beautiful website are available in the UK, Europe, and Australia. Some, but not all products are available in the United States

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