Top Mortgage Lender Says Now is the Perfect Time for Renters to Buy a Home

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( — October 30, 2019) — Phoenix, AZ — PHX Home Loan is a company that specializes in mortgage loans. The business is run by Jimmy Vercellino and his team with Phoenix mortgage lender Goldwater Bank.

Phoenix, AZ—Award-winning Phoenix mortgage lender Jimmy Vercellino suggests that now is the best time for renters to buy a home.

There is often an understandable worry as to whether ‘now’ is the right time to get on the housing market instead of renting. However, Mr. Vercellino assures renters that now is a better time than ever to buy a home. He asserts that the advantages, such as predictable fixed-rate mortgage costs, outweigh the disadvantages.

PHX Home Loan is made up of mortgage originator Jimmy Vercellino and his experienced team, who work with Phoenix mortgage lender Goldwater Bank. Together, they assist clients with the lengthy process of applying for mortgage loans. The team pride themselves on having expert knowledge of the Phoenix real estate market, as well as the types of loans and loan limits for certain areas and homes.

Mr. Vercellino has accumulated several loan production awards since starting out in the mortgage industry almost fifteen years ago. He and his team express their understanding of the exciting, yet sometimes nerve-wracking, process of applying for a mortgage. They acknowledge as well that it’s a big decision to buy a home in the first place. They offer different types of mortgages to suit various incomes, all to ease client worries and lessen the impact of the financial burden. They remind clients that a mortgage, as opposed to renting, doesn’t have to be unaffordable or unattainable.

This Phoenix mortgage company suggests that now is a perfect time for renters to buy a home because of the financial gains buyers will reap. Some of the biggest draws in the market are the current lower fixed rate interests and the ability to build up equity rapidly. Industry analysts predict that these gains are more likely to improve over time. There are also long-term benefits of buying vs renting in addition to the imminent financial gains.

Mr. Vercellino reassures buyers that opting for a mortgage loan, to start the search and invest in a home, is a long process but a worthy one. PHX Home Loan aims to guide clients through every step of the way, making the process both easier and less stressful. Interested parties are invited to call or get in touch to find out more about investing in a home.