More Studies Now Show Vitamin B6 Helps offer RA Pain Relief

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( — November 26, 2019) Orlando, FL — In the United States, rheumatoid arthritis has been found to affect around 1.5 million individuals. Unfortunately just like other forms of arthritis, it has no known cure yet.

According to experts, this autoimmune condition is characterized by the mistaken action of the immune system to attack the joints. This actually results in inflammation, which triggers the tissue lining the joints to thicken.

This entire process also leads to pain and swelling in and around the joints. It is important to understand that if inflammation levels are not reduced, it leads to cartilage damage. Over time, this results in the loss of cartilage as well as the narrowing of the joint spacing between the bones.

Experts warn that joint damage is irreversible. This condition also usually affects the joints in the wrists, feet, hands, knees, elbows, and ankles.

Today, there are many people who resort to the use of pain relievers like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is a type of pain medication may be useful, but its use is also linked with side effects.

The good news is that some safer alternatives have been found beneficial for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Nutrients like vitamin B6 have been found extremely beneficial in decreasing the symptoms linked with rheumatoid arthritis.

Health authorities warn that increased inflammation levels in the body, which is a characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis, may result in low levels of vitamin B6. They suggest that increasing B6 intake could aid individuals with this condition.

Scientists carried out a study for 30 days and it involved 36 adults with rheumatoid arthritis. It has been found that daily intake of 50 mg of vitamin B6 was able to correct reduced blood B6 levels.

Aside from its arthritis-fighting benefits, the use of vitamin B6 has also been associated with other healing effects. It and some other B vitamins are essential in maintaining overall health.

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