Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Relief Advocates Debt Forgiveness FreshStart Program

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( — November 13, 2019) — Scottsdale, AZ — A new tax relief and debt forgiveness campaign has been launched by Tax Relief Advocates in Scottsdale AZ. They are helping 500 families to remove IRS debt problems through high quality, customized service.

A leading Scottsdale AZ tax relief specialist has launched a new campaign to help local residents overcome debt and tax issues. They will be removing IRS debt problems for 500 Scottsdale AZ families, and as part of the campaign are offering a free consultation and $350 income tax relief coupon.

More information can be found at: Income Tax Relief Advocates Scottsdale AZ.

The new campaign was launched as a way to help more clients overcome their debt issues in the Scottsdale area. Anyone battling debt or financial issues is encouraged to call the team at 888-829-1007.

This will allow them to schedule a complimentary and private consultation. Tax Relief Advocates will then be able to advise them on the best path forward, with a focus on ensuring the best results.

Tax Relief Advocates launched their new campaign because they know that people throughout Scottsdale and the state find it intimidating to negotiate with the IRS.

Now, with the services provided by TRA, clients can get professionals negotiating on their behalf. This is important, because tax codes can be confusing even for those with industry knowledge.

Tax Relief Advocates offer a guaranteed process for clients, beginning with the consultation service. This provides them with quality tax advice that can help them to avoid expensive mistakes.

From there, the team will investigate the issue, and work towards ensuring the best resolution for the client. Clients can then enjoy their resolution solution and will have a tax partner for years to come.

TRA states: “We promise to provide you with the relief you need to negotiate with the IRS in confidence. Your dedicated Tax Relief Advocate will create a custom resolution to fit your specific tax needs.”

They add: “We’ll review your tax problem and provide a customized solution that will lower your tax liability.”

This provides clients with peace of mind and the tools they need to fight their case going forward.

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