Tacoma WA IRS Income Tax Relief Advocates Debt Forgiveness FreshStart Program

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(Newswire.net — November 14, 2019) — Tacoma, WA — Tax Relief Advocates have launched a new debt forgiveness campaign to help families in Tucson AZ to overcome debt issues with the IRS. As part of the new campaign, families will be offered a $350 income tax relief coupon.

A new tax relief campaign has been launched for clients in Tucson, AZ, offering local residents the chance to remove IRS tax debt problems. As part of the new campaign, they are helping 500 families to shed their debt issues, along with a $350 tax relief coupon.

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The new campaign is a chance for local residents to get expert guidance and a negotiation partner for dealing with the IRS. Tax Relief Advocates provides clients with the right debt forgiveness solution to suit their needs.

Tax Relief Advocates have created the new campaign to ensure that clients can save the most money possible with a dedicated income tax relief advocate in Tucson AZ.

They know that when clients owe money to the IRS, it can be scary and intimidating. Problems with the IRS can have long-lasting consequences, costing both time and money.

It’s a common occurrence for Americans to end up owing more money to the IRS than they can afford. The IRS is the world’s most powerful collection agency, and have a number of tactics they can employ against clients.

Now, with the new campaign launch, clients can get a specialist in their corner to provide expert guidance in their case. The process begins with a free consultation, during which the team at Tax Relief Advocates will give clients advice to avoid expensive mistakes.

From there, they will investigate the case and communicate with the IRS on the client’s behalf. Then they can work towards ensuring the best protection and resolution for the client.

The team states: “Some of us hesitate to call a tax relief advocate in fear that we can’t afford it. For some this is true. Many enjoy the benefits at lower cost by securing the services of a Tax Relief Advocate. Do you have IRS Tax problems in Tucson AZ? You may end up paying more if you don’t get help with tax relief. You don’t need to go into it all alone.”

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