Facts Behind Being a Driving Instructor in Ireland

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(Newswire.net — December 3, 2019) — Ireland is known for a safe and responsible driving culture. However, this has not always been the case. The road safety authority in Ireland (RSA) has put lots of measures in place to achieve this feat. One major factor that contributed to this achievement is the introduction of driving instructors and the regulation of their activities.

If you are coming across driving instructors for the first time, these are individuals who are painstakingly trained to guide driving students such that the students will turn out to be confident, yet safe and responsible as they drive on the streets and highways of Ireland.

The regulation of the practice by the road safety authority and the increase in demand for the services of a driving instructor over the years has made driving instructors to be in constant demand in Ireland. But then, just like most professions, you have to get basic information before you delve fully into the journey of being an approved driving instructor if you want to turn out successful. This is just what this article will help you achieve; letting you know facts that the average person doesn’t know about best driving instructors training Ireland has to offer

Driving instructor salary in Ireland

First off, there is no uniform or stipulated paycheck for driving instructors in Ireland. This is because factors like how much a driving instructor earns per hour, how many hours he works per day, his personal overhead cost, and many other factors will vary from one instructor to the other. But then, we are able to come up with estimated figures after making concrete surveys. Findings show that a driving instructor who just started practicing in a short while of one year earns around 35 euros on an hourly basis.

It is even more exciting for driving instructors who are practicing in Dublin as they stand a chance to earn way more than that. This is no surprise. Being the capital of Ireland, commercial activities tend to gain more value than when compared to other parts of the country. As expected, a more experienced instructor will earn more than 35  euros in any part of Ireland.

To cap the cake with white ice, a driving instructor who has been offering his services for two to three years can earn up to 45 euros per hour in Dublin. With this mouth-watering rate, it is not surprising that Dublin ranks amongst the cities with the highest pay rates for driving instructors worldwide.

Getting a driving school trainee license in Ireland

Driving with a trainee permit  is an arrangement whereby you don’t need to directly obtain a license from the road safety authority before you can train others as a driving instructor. Instead, you offer your services under the license of an approved individual or company as a trainee.

Driving Franchise

Interestingly, all you need do to apply for a driving school franchise in Ireland is to conduct a driving lesson successfully while you are being assessed by professional guidelines. Once you are able to do this, you are good to go.

Mind you, if you desire a driving school franchise in Ireland, it comes at a cost. An all-inclusive franchise will include a fee ranging between 170 and 250 euros. This pricing covers expenses such as car services, car insurance the franchise fee, and all other expenses you can think of except for one thing; the fueling of the car.

Learning to work as an independent driving instructor or train to work under a reputable driving school

The learning process is never easy. In fact, it could be discouraging when you encounter serious challenges. True, everyone likes the idea of being their own boss and making decisions that suit them as they go about their businesses, the truth is that it is not the best for a start-up driving instructor. With time, you will likely notice that you are not making up to your expected sales and you find yourself running into a shortage of funds for the new company.

On the other hand, it makes more sense when you decide to work for a reputable driving school as you gain more experience in the management aspect as well as other crucial parts of running as a driving instructor. The national driving school is quite a good example of driving schools you can work with so that your learning process will be complete with time and you won’t end up stressing yourself unnecessarily.

However, this is only a suggestion. If you feel you have the capability to start up independently as a driving instructor, you can go ahead. Just make sure you have fulfilled all the basic requirements and you are confident of your capability to handle all the demands that come from the course you have chosen.

Between renting a car for practice and buying one

While owning a car is good, it comes with a whole lot of responsibilities and expenses. Servicing a car to keep it in good shape could be expensive. It is advised that you play safe for a start by renting vehicles to train your learners. That way, you save more and your earnings are easily accounted for.

Cost of qualification as a professional Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in Ireland

First off, know that lots of processes are involved when it comes to qualification to become an approved driving instructor in Ireland. Also, the process comes with financial responsibilities here and there.

Averagely, it costs between 3000 to 3500 euros to become an approved driving instructor in Ireland. To be candid, that is quite a lot. However, it is best to think of this process as an investment. Certainly, it will yield returns in due time so in the long run, it is worth the pay.


Demand for driving instructors in Ireland has been on a steady increase, thereby creating a lucrative opening for driving instructors. But then becoming a driving instructor is a task that involves a process. This process requires time, financing and utilization of important facts like we have in this article. Make sure you digest and work with it.