Scientists Now Find Milk Thistle Has Skin-Health and Anti-Aging Benefits

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( — December 16, 2019) Orlando, FL — Today, there is a variety of skin care and anti-aging products available in the global market. However, scientists are carrying out studies to learn about how some natural remedies can work wonders in fighting aging and taking care of the skin.

Researchers reveal that a natural remedy called milk thistle may help. This natural remedy has long been popularized by its ability to take better care of liver health. It has been found to have a highly-therapeutic ingredient called silymarin.

In some studies, silymarin has been found helpful in increasing glutathione levels inside the body. This increase could reduce the risk of the onset of psoriasis, flare ups, and skin issues. 

Scientists from the Cancer Center of the University of Colorado carried out studies. 

They found that milk thistle also contains silibinin, which aids in repairing or even destroying some types of skin cells. Particularly, these are skin cells that have been exposed to UVB radiation that could otherwise produce damage to the skin.

Investigators have even discovered milk thistle may aid in delaying aging, and bringing back the radiance of the skin. 

It could be a lot better than skin care and anti-aging products in the market as it works naturally and doesn’t cause side effects. Milk thistle may promote healthy cell growth, which is another beneficial effect.

Health authorities have been warning against glutathione deficiency as it could increase psoriasis risk. It possesses detoxifying agents that are beneficial for the skin and the entire body.

Milk thistle is widely studied due to its healing potential. Research has further found that it can soften and even hydrate the skin due to its demulcent properties. It encourages the skin to breathe, and be even more protected against external damage.

Health authorities warn that the skin is normally exposed to toxins every day. These toxins can travel from the skin to the liver, and wreak havoc on health.

Studies have found milk thistle has an impressive potential in getting rid of these toxins. It could even cleanse the colon and liver, and helpful to individuals who want to achieve and maintain radiant skin.

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