UK VAT Loans Service By Business Finance Brokerage Removes Tax Frustration

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( — December 9, 2019) — UK commercial finance broker Enable Finance launched their VAT Loans Service to assist businesses spread their tax liability payments and maintain better cash flow for operating costs and business opportunities.

Enable Finance launched a VAT Loans Service for all UK businesses, as part of their commercial finance brokerage services. Designed to eliminate the frustration of paying large Tax bills while needing to fund orders. The offices of Enable Finance are located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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The Value-added Tax (VAT) Loans launched by Enable Finance allows UK businesses to spread the cost of their quarterly VAT liability, thereby enabling the business to maintain better cash flow, with working capital operating where it may be the most profitable within their company.

With the launch their VAT Loans Service, Enable Finance have added to the range of business finance solutions offered by this Sheffield commercial finance broker.

Philip from Enable Finance provided an example of how their VAT Loans Service can benefit a business. He stated that recently a VAT business loan was used by a UK industrial battery reseller to fund a new order from a large corporate entity. With this loan the battery reseller could smooth out their cash flow peaks and troughs, and utilise their working capital to fund the fulfilment of their large new order.

VAT Loans can also have other benefits for businesses. They help maintain any cash on hand for new business opportunities, and for any ‘cash shocks’ that may occur when a supplier changes their payment terms. Another significant benefit is that this recently launched VAT Loans Service helps businesses spread their VAT liability into more manageable monthly payments.

Philip stated that this is how the Service works: “It is an unsecured business loan designed specifically to pay Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) department their VAT liability that is created from company sales revenue. The business simply informs Enable Finance of their upcoming VAT liability and provides a copy of their last filed accounts, and then a decision on the loan is made within 2 days”.

Philip added that the lender will typically pay HMRC directly on behalf of the business who would then pay 3 equal repayments to the lender.

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