Transplanter, the Value of Automation: Wolf Planter

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( — December 9, 2019) — Smart devices continue to take the center stage in today’s social world- but; they are also doing great work in agriculture! Automated agricultural equipment is the new trend, and every farmer has a lot to gain from the new technology.

Large tracts of land can be cultivated and taken care of by only one or two people with the right equipment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing dairy farming or you are tilling large fields. As long as you have the right farming equipment, you will do it quickly, and more effeciently.

Automating farming is one of the best ways to make agriculture convenient and efficient. Apart from reducing the costs of production, automation makes it easier and faster to prepare your land or attend to your crops. Wolf Planters and transplanters are going to take your agricultural produce to a higher level.

Benefits of agricultural automation

Automation has its disadvantages and a bunch of benefits as well. Automation relieves farmers of the manual work as well as increase the potential of education and technological advancement.

At least, you earn the free time you need to concentrate on marketing (and your family!) plus anything else. Therefore, when you are in tandem with the latest technological trends you will be able to improve your agricultural produce. Here you will find several benefits of automation in agriculture.

Reduce labor costs

Growing the majority of crops is labor extensive, which means they require a lot of work. In most cases, large farms often need several people to manage them and operate the machines. In other situations, you may also require individuals to till the land manually.

Whether it is transplanting or just putting your seeds into the ground, you may have to hire several workers. However, automation ensures that you do not outsource labor. The machines plant, till the land, and even harvest on behalf of your workers.

Well, the initial capital of setting up automated agricultural equipment may seem expensive it is worth it in the long run. But, at least, you’re about to reduce the running and recurrent costs of producing crops.

Increase accuracy and efficiency

While humans are the source of technology, cognitive machines are smart and able to work efficiently and accurately. Therefore, you need to automate your agricultural activities introduction to increase efficiency.

During ploughing, you should find an efficient method to get deep the soil and do it in the right sequence. And, when you are planting, you will want a wolf planter that can give the proper spacing. Modern automatic farm equipment follows artificial cognition that records and works flawlessly when it comes to planting and taking care of your land.

Improved breeding

Automation in agriculture has led to a great deal of iterative selective breeding system. Some species and crop varieties do better than others.

Agricultural researchers have found ways to improve the quality of a crop by breeding crops that give high yield or are resistant to diseases.

Through automation, farmers can accurately determine how fruitful a plant is and breed it appropriately.

Improve efficiency of agriculture

Agricultural automation continues to increase, especially after the invention of agbots. Agricultural robots carry out several processes without human control.

For instance, you can set the machines to plough, plant, irrigate, weed, harvest and maintain your soil through.

Crop scouting

Farmers sometimes need to walk through their fields to scout the crops. But, this is easily covered with automated machines which hover around to collect data about the plants and soil.

Crop scouting automated equipment sniffs out any diseases or pests encroaching the crops and farm. Also, the farm manager knows whether there are stalks that need special attention.

Checchi and Magli’s Wolf Planter

Since its inception in 17 in Bologna, this company has continued to manufacture some of the most advanced automated farm tools. The equipment befits what a farmer would need to take their agribusiness to the next level. With different outlets around the world, the company has some tools that range from harvesters, planters, land tillers, tractors, and transplanters among others.

Their Wolf Planter Pro is a professional-built cultivating farm tool that makes planting easy. The tool forms part of the signature products of Checchi & Magli, which includes transplanting tobacco, nursery seedlings as well vegetables and potatoes.