Kennewick WA Law Divorce Family Child Custody DUI Expanded Services Launched

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( — December 11, 2019) — Kennewick, WA — Clearwater Law Group launched the expansion of their legal services for family law, divorce, child custody, criminal, business and contract law, in the Kennewick area of southeast Washington, with the addition of Attorney Ceth D. Hickey to the team.

Tri-Cities Washington State law firm, Clearwater Law Group, announced the launch of expanded law services with the addition of Attorney Ceth D. Hickey to the team. Clearwater provide legal services to all of southeastern Washington, including the tri-cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, and the Benton and Franklin counties, although anyone from Washington State may use their services.

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Clearwater Law Group specializes in Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Criminal Law, Business and Contract Law, and the law related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

With the launch of their expanded services, Attorney Ceth D. Hickey is on board with extensive experience in complex Civil Litigation, Mediation to resolve disputes, and Real Property, Probate, and Trust law. With Attorney Hickey on the team, the areas of law that can be expertly serviced have been expanded, making Clearwater Law Group a truly full-service law firm.

Founded on the principles of achieving the best outcome at the lowest cost with regard to legal disputes, Clearwater state that with Attorney Ceth Hickey helping to grow their team’s range of legal experience, they are better positioned to assist the people of Washington State no matter what their legal issues may be.

Ceth was raised in the south and midwest areas of the US, although he has now been a citizen of Washington for some 24 years. He graduated college in 2003, then after 10 years of being a restaurant manager, he earned his law degree at the University of Seattle, receiving several awards including the CALI Excellence In Legal Writing award.

Now with Ceth Hickey on the team, Clearwater aims to continue to develop meaningful and productive relationships with each of their clients, basing their work on the values of integrity and respect, and concerns for individual legal rights, needs and circumstances.

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