Vidico Teams Up with Uber for New Animation Campaign

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( — December 16, 2019) — Melbourne, VIC — Vidico are a video production company that specialise in story-driven material. Based in Melbourne, they provide memorable video content to clients all over the world.

Melbourne, AU—Video production company Vidico have teamed up with UberEats to produce an animation of the new restaurant dashboard feature available on the food takeaway app. From their Melbourne studio, Vidico offer an end-to-end video production service including original scripts and storyboards amongst other components. With UberEats seeking to introduce their customers to the new sales dashboard, they partnered with Vidico to produce an animation explaining its features.

This union represents good news for both companies. It provides UberEats with an accessible tool for marketing their product and furnishes Vidico with a global platform to showcase their animation skills. UberEats will be launching its dashboard feature and using Vidico’s new animation to explain it in over 27 countries.

The video production studio’s work should enable news about the technology to reach a vast number of restaurants. This will allow businesses who use UberEats to better understand the dashboard’s new updates and features, including item reviews and advanced analytics. With a market on the scale of UberEats and a diverse userbase, it’s important for the company to have high-quality video content to explain its sales tools.

Vidico’s animation explains to users how the dashboard will help them to manage sales. It focuses on clear, cogent presentation and draws special attention to features that are likely to prove the most popular and useful among restaurants. These include tracking sales performance, identifying busy times, keeping track of reviews, and comparing the success of each menu item. The studio’s video also goes in-depth to impress viewers, noting that all feedback can be tracked against the specific order to which it relates, and it stresses that the feature is all about identifying areas of improvement.

A big name like UberEats seeking out their video production services is promising for Vidico. The food delivery platform serves as a high-level showcase for the Melbourne studio’s animation work and as a sound endorsement of their prowess in creating clear, accessible content. This represents an exciting move forward for Vidico. Interested parties can get in touch via their website today for more news and information on Vidico’s offerings.