Pepper Spray Pepper Shot Easy Self Defense for Holiday Shoppers Released

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( — December 18, 2019) — The leading provider of personal protection devices released their annual line of Pepper Sprays. The Pepper Shots provide maximum protection for holiday shoppers.

Protection Bay, the leading nationwide provider of personal and home protection merchandise has released it’s 2019 line of Pepper Spray Pepper Shots in time for the holidays. It comes in a variety of containers and colors and is more effective than other sprays that are presently available. The unique capsicum blend featured by this shot is designed to give a potential victim of assault the time needed to escape.

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Protection Bay Pepper Shot Pepper Spray contains three times the major capsaicinoids of most major brands making it more effective than other brands of Pepper Spray. The launch of this item before holidays is intended to provide confidence and a sense of security to holiday shoppers on their trips to and from shops.

This Pepper Shot does not permanently harm an attacker but activates the pain centers in their brain causing them to be distracted from their intended victim. The Pepper Shot Pepper Spray distributed by Protection Bay is comprised of 1.2% major capsaicinoids. The percentage of capsaicinoids contained in a spray determines the level of ‘heat’ an attacker experiences.

The Pepper Spray released by Protection Bay also contains 8.5% oleoresin. Oleoresin swells the mucous membranes and makes breathing difficult. The veins in the eyes swell and automatically close. The Pepper Spray contains 2 million SHU’s of pepper and the victim is effectively incapacitated for a minimum of 45 minutes.

The Pepper Spray Shot also contains a UV dye that can assist law enforcement in the identification of the perpetrator. The 8-10 foot range of this Pepper Shot Spray allows one to defend themselves without the inherent dangers of hand to hand interaction with an assailant.. Each unit contains 6-10 one-second shots.

The canister of Pepper Spray may be carried in a choice of a belt clip or leatherette holster. The hard cases and holsters come in various colors purple, black, blue and pink. Exotic designs include rhinestone, leopard, and cheetah. All canisters of the Pepper Spray are attached to a quick-release key chain.

The founder of the company states “I have been a long-time physical fitness enthusiast and thought I really had no need for self-protection products, but in a dark parking lot five years ago I found myself wishing I had access to the very items stocked at Protection Bay. Thankfully all went OK and we came out of the situation wiser and smarter but no worse for wear. With our release of the 2019 Pepper Shots anyone can easily defend themselves from an attack.”

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